Medical Secretary Salary

Medical Secretary Salary

Medical Secretary Salary In The United States

Medical secretaries are health care professionals who, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, should expect a median yearly wage of around $31,000. However, the salary of these professionals varies a lot, as the lowest possible wage is of $22,000 a year while the highest paid medical secretaries can earn as much as $46,000 a year, in states like California and other high paying metropolitan areas where medical secretaries are very sought-after.

Pay Scale In Different Parts Of The United States

Medical secretaries have different salaries across the United States of America. The annual median wage of these health care professionals in the Connecticut, for instance, is of almost $47,000, while those who reside and work in San Francisco should expect a median pay of around $43,500 a year. On the other hand, those who live in the city of San Jose in California typically earn around $42,000 a year, while those from Santa Rosa make around $41,000. As you may have noticed already, California offers median yearly wages for medical secretaries that are significantly higher than the national average for this position, and this is precisely why many choose to relocate to this area, especially in the larger cities where they have more possibilities.

Medical Secretary Job Description

Medical secretaries are health care professionals who represent the physicians and support the physician staff. These professionals usually perform a variety of office and administrative tasks, from sorting the e-mails and answering telephone calls to scheduling patient appointments, billing the patients, transcribing dictations and checking the health history of the patients. A medical secretary typically deals with all the clerical duties within a medical office, and their tasks include typing, billing as well as maintaining the files.

These professionals have to interact with the public as well and to use various office equipments including scanners, fax machines and computers. It is of utmost importance for these professionals who be well-aware of all the medical billing procedures, the medical terminology as well as the health insurance rules that apply in their field of work.

It is also the duty of the medical secretary to support the physician productivity by scheduling conferences, professional meetings as well as physician consultations, to prepare all the medical reports and summaries and deal with patient histories, to plan and organize projects and so on.

These professionals complete direct patient and third party billing as well, they monitor the accounts receivable and they collect both calls and reminders on occasion. Medical secretaries maintain the office supplies by checking the stock and anticipating the needs of the office, they troubleshoot the breakdowns and perform a variety of preventive and maintenance services. Moreover, the medical secretary must also call for repairs whenever needed and protect the health care community by always adhering to the highest professional standards. The medical secretary must always update their job knowledge and skills by taking part in constant educational conferences and seminars, as well as by reading the latest medical literature.

How To Become A Medical Secretary?

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Medical secretaryIn order to become a medical secretary, one needs to have a high school diploma or an equivalent in order to enter a two-year program in either technical or vocational schools and community colleges. After enrolling in such a program and completing their studies, the students will be awarded an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science. Throughout the training period, medical secretaries will learn everything they need to know about general office procedures, billing procedures as well as medical communications.

Also, those who want to expand their professional horizons are highly encouraged to apply for a certification awarded by a professional organization such as the well-known IAAP, or the International Association of Administrative Professionals. If they are eligible for it and they meet all the requirements, the medical secretaries can become certified medical assistants.

The typical coursework for future medical secretaries cover clinical procedures, medical terminology, office and administrative procedures, laboratory procedures, customer service in health care and so forth. These professionals also need to have some knowledge of medical ethics and medical law, as well as office insurance and finance. It is highly recommended that the medical secretary has some volunteer experience and has excellent interpersonal skills as well, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows there is an increasing job outlook in the administrative and secretarial industries, and those who are skilled, experienced and certified have priority.


Medical secretaries who want to pursue a career in the field must understand the importance of continuing education information coupled with professional certification. The AAMA is one of the organizations that offer certifications in this field of activity, and AAMA stands for the American Association of Medical Assistants.

In order to get their certification, students must sit and pass a rigorous certification exam at the end of their training session, and in order to maintain their AAMA certification students need to retake this particular exam once every five years. Medical secretaries must have completed a training program that is accredited by either the Allied Health Education Programs Commission or by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools in order to be eligible for the certification exam.

Medical Secretary Salary In Canada, Australia And The United Kingdom.

The average wage for a medical secretary who lives and works in the United Kingdom is of 8 pounds per hour, while a Canadian medical secretary’s salary ranges anywhere between C$26,000 to C$45,000 a year, with a median yearly wage of around C$35,000. Last, but not least, medical secretaries who live and work in Australia should expect to earn around AU$25,00 per hour.

Verdict On Medical Secretary Salary

Becoming a medical secretary requires minimal training in the field, and getting certified can dramatically increase your chances of getting a job in the field. If you are looking for a financially and professionally satisfying career in health care and you like to deal with administrative tasks, then becoming a medical secretary is certainly a great choice. The salary can increase exponentially as you get more experienced, and it often happens that medical secretaries who are hired by physicians in their private practices earn more.