Clinical Pharmacist Salary

Clinical Pharmacist Salary

Clinical Pharmacist Salary In The United States

The median expected salary for a trained clinical pharmacist in the United States is of $108,000, based on a HR report from March 2014. These are professionals who conduct various drug use review studies and they work closely with other medical practitioners. It often happens that a clinical pharmacist needs a doctorate in either pharmacy or medicine, and they must be registered pharmacists as well. Also, clinical pharmacists are well-aware of all the standard practices, concepts and procedures and they perform a variety of tasks, including office tasks.

Pay Scale In Different Parts Of The United States

Clinical pharmacists are not paid evenly across the United States of America, and they receive the highest pay in the state of California, of approximately $117,000 a year. This is one of the most lucrative careers in the medical industries, especially from a financial standpoint. However, California is not the only one that offers very impressive salaries to its clinical pharmacists, as Alabama also gives them the same salary of $117,000 a year. Arkansas is yet another state where working as a clinical pharmacist is very rewarding, and at the opposite end there is Alaska and Arizona, where these health care professionals are paid with $97,000, respectively $101,000.

Clinical Pharmacist Job Description

The clinical pharmacist performs a variety of duties and tasks, from attending education programs on the behalf of the medical staff to advising physicians on dose control and drug use in private clinics and public hospitals. Also, it is the duty of the clinical pharmacist to assist the division director on a daily basis and to promote improvement in drug usage, for the best results. These professionals also deal with preparing, labeling as well as delivering medications or supplies, and they can work as mentor pharmacists as well and train the entry level pharmacy technicians. In some cases, clinical pharmacists work with universities where they can deliver conferences at seminars. 

The clinical pharmacist must have advanced formal training and in-depth knowledge of the medical field, as they require a BS pharmacy degree or a Doctor pharmacy degree coupled with a clinical experience of at least 24 months. Also, if they have enrolled in an accredited residency program or they have gotten a certification in one or multiple areas of pharmacy, this certainly adds to their career opportunities as well. Clinical pharmacists must have a deep knowledge on medical therapies and procedures, as well as on drug usage.

How To Become A Clinical Pharmacist

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pharmacistClinical pharmacists are medical professionals who need to have good math skills and patience to work in this area, as it is both challenging and very financially rewarding at the same time. It is important for clinical pharmacists who are just starting out in this medical field to take classes in math, chemistry and science, and then to attend advanced college courses depending on their preferred specialization. Also, majoring in chemistry or biology certainly helps them a lot in their career, and so does attending a college that has strong science and math programs. 

After you have been accepted into college, you can start taking the Pharmacy College Admission Test and if you pass it, you will be accepted into a three-year education program where you will get a deeper insight into Pharmacy and everything it involves. Throughout the course of the training session you will enjoy both classroom and laboratory work and you can practice in retail pharmacies, private clinics, hospitals and such.

After you graduate from the pharmacy school you have chosen, you will receive a Doctor of Pharmacy degree which allows you to sit for the board exam. The board exam is an aspect of utmost importance as it will allow you to obtain a license from the state where you want to practice your profession. Once you have passed the board exam and you have obtained your license, you can start looking for jobs as a pharmacist or expand your experience by enrolling in a residency program that will certainly look good on your CV and increase the long term job opportunities.


As a clinical pharmacist, you need to know that the specialty certification will undoubtedly help your career in the long run, if you want to differentiate yourself in the market place. There is the Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties Certification which allows you to specialize in one of the numerous sub-fields related to the pharmacy industry, from nuclear and pharmacotherapy to psychiatry and oncology. Board-certified pharmacists earn a lot more and they have hiring priority as well.

Clinical Pharmacist Salary In Canada, Australia And The United Kingdom

Clinical pharmacists are very appreciated in every country, given the fact that these are skilled and well-trained professionals whose in-depth knowledge and expertise are very sought-after not only in the United States of America, but all around the globe. Taking Canada as an example, the average salary for a clinical pharmacist who works here is of over $75,000 CAD each year, although those who work in private clinics or private offices tend to earn a lot more. The United Kingdom also appreciated its clinical pharmacists a lot, as there are over ten thousand pharmacies all around the country and they all require a skilled clinical pharmacists – these professionals earn a median salary of over 35,000 pounds a year.

Last, but certainly not least, Australia offers a median yearly wage of over $60,000 AU to its clinical pharmacists, and the job outlook for this position is excellent in this country. Even so, it seems that the United States still offers the highest payments for clinical pharmacists at the moment, especially California.

Verdict On Clinical Pharmacist Salary

If you have a strong desire to pursue a career in pharmacy and to become a Doctor of Pharmacy, then California is the best place where you can enjoy this profession as it offers a median yearly salary that is $17,000 above the national average. However, these professionals are very well-paid all around the country, and the job opportunities are great as well.