Cosmetology Instructor Salary

Cosmetology Instructor Salary

Cosmetology Instructor Salary In The US

As the name suggests, cosmetology instructors are basically specialized cosmetology teachers that work within various beauty schools and other educational institutions, helping students get a deeper insight into the art of beauty. The average yearly salary of a good cosmetology instructor in the United States of America varies between $28,00 and $32,000 on a yearly basis, although this depends a lot on the state where you work.

Pay Scale In Different Parts Of The United States

In some US states, cosmetologists and cosmetology instructors are paid a lot better than in other states. A beauty school teacher that works in San Francisco, Los Angeles and other major cities in California typically earns over $60,000 a year, while those who work in Texas or Washington DC should expect to get a median yearly wage of around $45,000. On the other hand, cosmetology instructors who work in the state of New York are amongst those that have the highest salary as they typically earn over $80,000 a year, especially if they have their own beauty school or work for a reputable beauty school.

Job Description Of Cosmetology Instructor

These professionals are responsible for teaching students in beauty schools the basic and fundamental principles of cosmetology. It is their duty to gradually guide the students through all the coursework and the practical training of the beauty school, as well as to prepare them for the board exam which is essential for them to get a job in the future. Cosmetology is an art and a science, and cosmetology instructors must possess a very good understanding of cosmetology in order to teach others. 

Another notable job responsibility of the cosmetology instructor is preparing various demonstrations and lesson plans that will help the beauty school students understand art and beauty a lot easier. These professionals should also handle the materials and the supplies that will be used throughout the length of the training program, and make sure they have enough supplies. They usually have strong connections with various beauty businesses and salons where the students can practice their skills and learn from other real working professionals. It is the duty of the cosmetology instructor to help them with the practical, hands-on experience by placing the beauty school students within a beauty salon where they can see how the job is done.

Also, it is very important for these professionals to teach students how to sterilize all the beauty tools and equipment, as well as to monitor the students and to track the performance and progress of each one of them. It is important for the cosmetology instructor to provide constructive feedback that will help students improve both their skills and their theoretical knowledge in the field.

Overall, the duty of the cosmetology instructor is to prepare the students for an entry-level job in the beauty industry and to help them develop all the professional traits, knowledge and skills they so much need in order to be successful in this field. In some cases, these beauty professionals can even provide letters of recommendations for the students that have recently graduated from beauty school, as these recommendations can help them get a stable job.

How To Become A Cosmetology Instructor?

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cosmetic procedures in spa clinicIf you are passionate about teaching and helping other people understand the basics of beauty as an art and science, then becoming a cosmetology instructor or teacher is certainly the way to go. This will help you shape young minds who are passionate about beauty and to turn them into skilled and knowledgeable practitioners across a variety of different beauty services. 

Not only does becoming a cosmetology instructor take a lot of ambition and determination, but it also requires an innate sense for style and for fashion, as well as good communication skills. Perhaps the most notable skill a teacher should have is good communication, as keeping in touch with students and offering and gathering feedback plays a crucial role. Besides this, patience is certainly a virtue that every reputable cosmetology instructor should have, especially with beginners who are just starting out in the beauty industry.

In order to become a cosmetology instructor, you will need three things: a high school diploma or a GED that will help you enroll in the training program, a degree provided by a licensed and approved cosmetology school as well as a cosmetology license that will allow you to practice beauty services in a safe and legal manner. All those who aspire to the job of cosmetology instructors must be at least 18 years of age, and they must attend a licensed cosmetology school – on average, the training program lasts for approximately 9 months, provided that you attend the classes on a full time basis.

After that, you need to pass the written licensing exam and get some practical experience. It is not uncommon for cosmetology instructors to opt for additional classes such as lesson plan development classes and courses that will teach them the most effective teaching methods. Generally speaking, these additional classes are provided by a technical or community college.


The certification for cosmetology or beauty school instructor varies from one state to another, but generally you need a high school diploma or an equivalent, a license in cosmetology, some working experience in the field of cosmetology as well as up to 1000 hours of practical cosmetology instruction provided by an accredited program. After that, you can apply for the certification.

Cosmetology Instructor Salary In Canada, Australia And The United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, the average yearly salary of a cosmetology instructor ranges between 10,000 and 17,000, while in Canada these professionals receive a median yearly wage between C$26,000 and C$50,000. Last, but not least, a good cosmetology instructor can make over AU$30,000 in Australia. 

Verdict Regarding The Cosmetology Instructor Salary

If you would love to teach others about the art of beauty, then it is certainly worth it to invest your time and money in courses that will help you become a licensed cosmetology instructor. The salary is relatively motivating at first, and you can earn a lot more money by opening your own beauty school.

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