Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Salary

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Salary

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Salary In The United States

The diagnostic medical sonographer is a health care professional who relies on the use of highly advanced medical equipment to put a medical diagnostic. The average yearly salary of a diagnostic medical sonographer is of approximately $65,000, although it is not uncommon for these skilled professionals to make as much as $90,000 in certain parts of the United States, especially if they choose to work within private practices or clinics. The lowest paid diagnostic medical sonographers earn around $45,000.

Pay Scale In Different Parts Of The United States

There are certain states in the US where the profession of diagnostic medical sonographer is very sought-after, and this typically happens in the metropolitan areas of some of the biggest cities in the United States, like San Francisco or San Jose. California offers diagnostic medical sonographers a median yearly wage of over $107,000, while the average yearly pay for these medical professionals in the state of Connecticut is of over $95,000, which means around $30,000 more than the national average. This is precisely the reason why many of the diagnostic medical sonographers who have just completed their education and received their certification decide to relocate to another state where they are paid better.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Job Description

Also referred to as an ultrasound technician, the diagnostic medical sonographer is a skilled and trained medical professional who views and interprets images that are produced by sound waves, to put a diagnosis and come up with a treatment plan for certain medical conditions. The diagnostic medical sonographer uses this advanced equipment to look at the internal organs of the patient, and it often happens that these professionals work mostly in the field of obstetrics where they view the developing fetus and analyze it for any signs of abnormal conditions. 

Regarding the duties and job requirements of a diagnostic medical sonographer, these professionals must perform accurate ultrasound tests on a certain area of the body, with the help of high frequency sound waves. The ultrasound equipment is designed to deliver a crystal clear image of the internal organs, for being analyzed and diagnosed. After making different measurements and calculations of the images that appear on the computer screen, the diagnostic medical sonographer presents the images and the diagnosis to the physician who will come up with a treatment plan.

In addition to the fields of gynecology and obstetrics, diagnostic medical sonographers are also needed in the cardiology field for performing various ultrasound tests to determine any disease of the heart or the cardiovascular system, as well as to detect any potential blockages of the heart, the veins or of the arteries. This can help the diagnostic medical sonographer see whether a previous heart attack has caused any extensive damage to the cardiovascular system that needs to be addressed, and to determine whether surgery is necessary.

Amongst the daily duties of the diagnostic medical sonographer, these professionals maintain daily logs of the patients they have consulted, they take care of all the billing procedures and they often take care and perform maintenance services on the medical equipment – the ultrasound machine, in this case. Also, these health care professionals must be well-aware of all the sanitary and safety procedures that apply before and each test, and they must make sure to maintain adequate supplies as well.

How To Become A Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

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sonographyIn order to become a truly reputable diagnostic medical sonographer, it is important to understand that these skilled health care professionals specialize in sonography and they must obtain a degree in the field in order to work in their state. The first and most important requirement for starting a specialized sonography training program is obtaining a high school diploma or a Ged.

After you have enrolled in a diagnostic medical sonography training program, which typically lasts up to four years, you can move on to getting your practical experience. If you do not want to study for four years, you can always enroll in an associate’s degree program which only lasts for four years. It is very important to make sure that the school you have chosen is certified by the ARDMS, also known as the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers.

As a diagnostic professional, it is important to choose a specialization and to get in-depth training and experience in that particular field. You can opt for neurosonology, ophthalmology, obstetrics or any other medical specialty that appeals to you, the only condition is to make sure that you have all the skills necessary for that particular medical field. After that, you need to decide whether you will be working in a public hospital or in a private clinic, and you can start sending your resume.


Earning your certification is essential for your future as a diagnostic medical sonographers, and the agency that offers you the possibility to become certified is the AART. However, there are various other agencies that offer you the chance to pursue a certification as a diagnostic medical sonographer, such as the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonographer.

Once you have managed to obtain your certification, you can become a registered diagnostic cardiac sonographer, vascular technologist, musculoskeletal professional and so on. All the credentials provided by the AART are nationally recognized , and you need to firstly graduate from an accredited sonography degree program in order to sit for the certification exam.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Salary In Canada, Australia And The United Kingdom

If you plan to work as a sonographer technician in Canada, you should expect to earn anywhere between CA$56,000 and CA$72,000 on a yearly basis. On the other hand, the Australian professionals who work in this field get to earn an average yearly wage of around AU$78,000, although the most experienced and skilled ones make up to AU$93,000 a year. Last, but not least, the expected yearly wages in the UK range between 26,000 and 45,000 pounds.

Verdict On Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Salary

The bottom line is that you geographical location, your experience, certification and education can have a great impact on your yearly wage. Also, the work environment can impact your salary as well, be it negative or positive, but the greatest benefit about working as a sonographer is that you can get a very good salary without having to get a Bachelor’s Degree or a Master’s Degree, as sometimes you only need an Associate’s Degree and a certification.