Dietitian Salary

Dietitian Salary

Dietitian Salary In The United States

Registered dietitians deal with planning and conducting food service on different nutritional programs, with the purpose of helping those in need to lose weight and to control disease at the same time. Also, some dietitians conduct nutritional research as well, and they educate their patients about nutrition. This job typically requires a Bachelor’s Degree along with a couple of years of experience, and the median expected salary for a dietitian in the United States of America is of little over $55,000 a year.

Pay Scale In Different Parts Of The United States

Dietitians are paid different across the US, and California is currently the number one on the list of the states that pay their dietitians the highest average yearly salary. Dietitians who live and work in California can get an average yearly wage of up to $68,000 a year. Those who live in New York enjoy a salary of around $60,000 a year, while those from Pennsylvania, Texas and Florida have a median yearly wage between $47,000 and $56,000, depending on the state and on their experience in the field.

Dietitian Job Description

Dietitians deal with offering practical advice about nutrition to those who want to make health-conscious decisions regarding their diets. These professionals can also diagnose and treat various diet-related problems, and it is also part of their job to inform the public about how food and health are connected, and how they can prevent serious health problems by simply making some minor diet changes. Most dietitians work with the National Health Service, also known as the NHS, and they can specialize in one of the many fields related to diet, like sports, children’s health, diabetes management and such. On the other hand, some registered dietitians choose to specialize in the educational or the research industry as well. These are experts in human nutrition who can help you either prevent or treat a certain disease by simply eating the right foods. 

Registered dietitians also have in-depth knowledge and expertise in food chemistry, biology and disease process and they can create personalized nutrition plans for patients who have various nutritional goals. For instance, a skilled dietitian can help patients gain or lose weight, prevent the onset of diseases like osteoporosis or diabetes, improve their athletic performance, withstand treatment regimens as well as manage some chronic conditions, like high blood pressure or heart disease. Also, some registered dietitians choose to work in hospitals and deal with the medical nutrition therapy of the ill, while others choose to work for private agencies, schools, correctional facilities or to open their own private practice. Generally speaking, dietitians adjust their patient’s intake of nutrients, calories and vitamins in order to improve their overall life quality and health status.

Other notable duties and responsibilities of the dietitian include delivering group sessions to multiple audiences, educating other health care professionals on the importance of nutrition (from social workers and community workers to doctors and nurses), education sportspersons regarding the basics of biochemistry and physiology, writing case notes and reports, maintaining accurate patient records and so on.

How To Become A Dietitian?

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female dietitianIf you want to become either a registered or a clinical dietitian, then you need to study the basics of nutrition and to possess good communication skills as well, in order to understand what your patients are going through and what are their goals in terms of nutrition. Also, good reading and comprehension skills are of utmost important as well, given the fact that it is essential for every reputable dietitian to keep up with the latest literature in the industry. Regarding the formal education required to become a dietitian, it must be said that you need to start off with a bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition, Dietetics or Food Service management, or any other related field of activity.

After that, you can choose to become a registered dietitian and enroll in one of the programs approved by the ACEND, acronym that stands for the Accreditation Council For Education In Nutrition And Dietetics. If you want to take your education even further, you can always enroll in a Coordinated Program In Dietetics or in a Didactic Program In Dietetics and get your Master’s Degree in the field. These programs will typically teach you everything you need to know about culinary nutrition, dietetics and foods, and you can also specialize in one of the following areas: medical nutrition therapy, nutritional chemistry, vegetarian cuisine, spa cuisine, medical ethics, community nutrition, human nutrition or Spa cuisine.


If you truly want to make the best out of your skills, training and career as a dietitian, then you should know that everything culminates with a Licensure or a Certification in the area. The minimal requirements for receiving your certification as a dietitian include holding a relevant Bachelor’s Degree in the field. Also, you need to meet all the internship requirements that are essential in order to be qualified for sitting for the national registered dietitian exam. This exam is administered by the Commission on Dietic Registration, which will help you become a Registered Dietitian if you pass the exam.

Dietitian Salary In Canada, Australia And The United Kingdom

If you have decided to work in Canada, Australia or the United Kingdom, you should know that the average yearly salary in these countries is somewhat close to those from the United States of America. For instance, Australia pays its dietitians with an average yearly income of AU $55,000, while the Canadian dietitians earn a median yearly wage of around C$47,000. Registered dietitians who work in the United Kingdom usually make over 26,000 pounds a year, although this depends a lot on their location as those based in London tend to earn even more.

Verdict On Dietitian Salary

If you are passionate about nutrition and you feel like you can truly make a difference in the lives of other people who are trying to improve their life quality and adopt a healthier lifestyle and eating habit, then becoming a dietitian can be the best choice. The salary is good in the United States and the job outlook is very encouraging as well, especially since hospitals are in great need of skilled and registered dietitians.