Masseuse Salary

Masseuse Salary

A masseuse, also known as a massage therapist, is a professional who performs high-quality, targeted massages to those who need them either to relax or to relieve muscle and joint pain. It often happens that back pain is the most common reason why people see a massage therapist.

The notion of “masseuse” is used to describe the female massage professional, while the “masseur” is the male massage therapist. More than three quarters of the massage therapists in the United States of America are female, and their median yearly salary is of around $40,000, although it can vary depending on their work environment, and whether they work for a spa or a professional massage center or they choose to run their own businesses.

Pay Scale In The United States of America

The median yearly salary of masseuses and other massage therapists can vary depending on their geographical location, given the fact that the living costs vary greatly from one state to another, as well. That being said, the highest paying state for these professionals is considered to be Alaska, where masseuses get a median yearly wage of over $80,000 a year. On the second place, there is the state of Delaware where professional, skilled and trained masseuses make around $60,000, followed by the states of Washington and Vermont with over $50,000 a year.

Masseuse Job Description

As you may know already, the main duty and responsibility of the masseuse is to use professional manipulation and massage techniques in order to relieve muscle pain and to help patients relax. Masseuses have the opportunity to relax in one of the numerous different fields of massage therapy, from reflexology to sports medicine and any other field where their expertise is highly needed.

Working as a massage therapist is certainly very relaxing and pleasing, given the fact that you will spend most of the day in soothing music and surrounded by scented oil. As a matter of fact, the pleasant work environment coupled with the flexible working schedule is what determines tens of thousands of people to pursue a career in massage therapy on a yearly basis.

The primary duty of the masseuse is to help patients relax their muscles and to alleviate pain and stress, both of which are usually caused by spending too much time on their feet. There are tens of different massage types to choose from, and all of them aim to improve the health status of the client.

In addition to helping patients overcome muscle pain and stress, most masseuses also deal with those who suffer from various physical ailments of the bones, muscles and the soft tissues, allowing them to improve their health status.

Before deciding on the most suitable massage technique for each client, it is important for the masseuse to thoroughly analyze the medical and the physical history of the patient, and then to choose the most suitable oils and lotions for the massage therapy. Contrary to popular belief, performing a massage is not as easy as it may seem at first sight. Masseuses are also responsible for promoting a correct blood flow to the peripheric areas of the body.

Other notable tasks and responsibilities of masseuses involve educating the customer on the different types of massages and their benefits in order to make an informed choice, preparing the lotions, toiletries and the liquids that will be used for the massage, offering the best massage technique depending on the requirements, the goals and the condition of the client and manipulate different massaging tools and equipments, for the best results.

How To Become A Masseuse?

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Hands massaging female face at the spaBecoming a masseuse can be very rewarding from a financial standpoint, especially since only required basic formal training in the field, coupled with extensive hands-on experience. The first step you need to take is to decide on the massage area in which you want to specialize, as this will determine your entire career path.

Do you want to help people cope with their physical ailments, or perhaps you just want to specialize in relaxation massages? You can opt for sports massage which is aimed mainly at athletes who want to recover after a sports injury, or a clinical massage that is designed for those with different physical ailments, although the latter does require extensive anatomy knowledge. Other very popular types of massage include the Swedish massage which is commonly used both for relaxation or healing purposes, the hot stone massage or the reflexology.

Once you have decided on the type of massage in which you want to specialize, it is important to find a reputable, suitable and accredited training program to enroll in. Most of these massage schools in the United States of America specialize in Swedish massage, although there are more specific schools as well. After that, it is important to complete the training program, which typically lasts for 500-600 hours of practical training, and then you can pursue a licensure.

Certification Options For Masseuses

The eligibility requirements for massage therapy certification vary depending on the state, although there are two different types of certifications one can opt for: the NCETM and the NCETMB. Regardless of which type of certification you aim for, it is very important to have at least 500 hours of practical experience with massage therapy, along with in-depth knowledge in the field of business and ethics, pathology, anatomy, body systems, physiology and therapeutic massage.

Masseuse Salary In Canada, Australia And The United Kingdom

A Canadian masseuse has a median yearly wage of around C$58,000, while an Australian one makes around Au$45,000 and one who works in the United Kingdom should expect to be paid with around 17,000 pounds a year.

Verdict On Masseuse Salary

To conclude, the salary of a masseuse is very motivating generally speaking, and it is expected to grow as the masseuse herself gets more experience in the field. It often happens that beginner masseuses are paid lower salaries, but the they have the chance to improve their knowledge, skills and expertise and to increase their median yearly income along with their experience.

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