Anesthesiologist Assistant Schools

Anesthesiologist Assistant Schools

Health care is one of the fastest growing industries in the US, with projected employment growth almost across the board at a higher level than can be found in the majority of other careers. Unlike many other assistant positions in the health care field, an anesthesiologist assistant must undergo a large amount of training, including a bachelor’s degree and post graduate study linked to an internship and job shadowing hours.

The role of the anesthesiologist is a relatively new, which has been introduced to ease the burden of time placed upon an anesthesiologist. The assistant spends their time with an individual patient, ensuring the quality of their care before and after surgery, and ensures the anesthesiologist has all the relevant information needed to keep the patient safe during their surgery. This can include reading the records of a patient and assessing their medical history, making sure the patient is properly prepared for surgery and ensuring their care post surgery is of the highest standards. Part of the training includes an anesthesiologist assistant exam that each candidate must undergo as they prepare for their new role and other courses ensuring they are fully versed in CPR and life saving techniques, which they may be forced to use with patients who do not respond well to surgery.


Before embarking on anesthesiology assistant training a candidate must first undergo a four year bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, such as pre-med or a strong science subject. Once this has been successfully completed the next step is applying to and gaining entry to an accredited program that will continue the education specializing in the career of an anesthesiologist assistant. During this period of anesthesiologist assistant classes the candidate will undergo classroom training designed to prepare them for their new role in the medical field.


Training also includes a large amount of time shadowing fully trained and licensed anesthesiologists and anesthesiologist assistants as they perform their tasks with real patients. The completion of a post graduate anesthesiologist assistant degree usually takes two years of full time education, that rarely breaks for long summer vacation periods.

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Knowing if you are a good candidate for undertaking anesthesiologist assistant courses includes understanding the personality traits looked for in this demanding position. An anesthesiologist assistant is required to be confident, a good listener and willing to take direction from the anesthesiologist and other medical professionals who are in charge of the care of a patient.

In return for this comprehensive training and personal advancement provided by anesthesiologist assistant programs, the job is a well paid one, offering a salary far above the national average in the US. Obtaining extra credentials and training can also see the salary raised by a significant amount.