Dermatology Physician Assistant Salary

Dermatology Physician Assistant Salary

Dermatology Physician Assistant Salary

The dermatology physician assistant is a professional who deals with treating chronic skin conditions – these are skilled health care professionals who work close to dermatology physicians and they are commonly referred to as PAs. In addition to this, they often deal with performing exams, prescribing medications, diagnosing various skin conditions of the patient, assisting the dermatology physician in cosmetic procedures and skin surgeries and so on.

These professionals usually have a degree in a branch of medicine, although not necessarily dermatology. That being said, the mean yearly wage of a PA is of around $92,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Some of them made only $60,000 a year while others managed to make as much as $125,000 a year, depending on their experience and work environment.

Pay Scale In Different Parts Of The United States

The dermatology physician assistant salary can vary from one state to another, as the geographical location of these professionals is the one that affects earnings the most. Those who live in the state of Rhode Island earn around $110,000 a year, while dermatology physician assistants who live and work in the states of Connecticut and Washington should also expect a mean yearly wage of over $100,000. At the opposite end there is the state of Mississippi, where the dermatology physician assistants earn a yearly salary that is above the national average, only around $50,000 a year.

Dermatology Physician Assistant Job Description

Simply put, dermatologist assistants are similar to physician assistants, the only difference is that they specialize in helping dermatology patients manage their skin conditions. They work under the close supervision of a skilled and licensed dermatologist and they are often involved in various cosmetic surgeries and procedures – this is precisely why the dermatology physician assistants should expect to face a much higher level of responsibility, as opposed to the classic physician assistants at a nursing level.

Dermatologists assistants are not allowed to perform dermatology procedures and surgeries on their own, as they can only assist the licensed dermatologist in that field. These professionals are an essential part of the doctor’s team, and in addition to assisting the dermatologist in putting an accurate diagnose for skin conditions and coming up with a well-designed treatment plan, they are also responsible for developing an ongoing relationship with the patient, as part of the skin care protocol.

It is also the duty and responsibility of the dermatology physician assistant to offer patients useful after care tips and advice following a dermatological or cosmetic procedure, to change the dressing and to record the medical history of the patient. In other words, the dermatologist PAs deal with the tasks that do not require the attention of the licensed dermatologist, thus allowing him to focus on the most important aspects of their duty.

Working as a dermatology physician assistant can be demanding, but the most common tasks include diagnosing eczema and acne, performing skin biopsies and excisions, applying topical medications and such. It is important for these professionals to have a very high degree of dexterity, given the fact that dermatologist PAs often assist the dermatologist with surgical procedures.

How To Become A Dermatology Physician Assistant

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dermatology physician assistantIn order to become a dermatologist PA, it is important to complete a state accredited degree program in the field and to get a license that will allow you to work in a medical office setting, under the close supervision of a licensed dermatologist. In addition to the tasks and duties mentioned above, dermatologist PAs may also assist the dermatologist with various chemical peels, tattoo removal procedures, dermabrasion procedures as well. As it happens with most medical specialties, these health care professionals must also apply for continuing education as well as for regular recertification.

Becoming a dermatology physician assistant requires a Master’s Degree followed by a licensure, which is essential in all the 50 states. This requires no previous experience in the field, but it is mandatory that the dermatologist PA is emotionally stable, detail-focused as well as compassionate. These professionals must also have good computer skills as they will need to deal with medical record keeping, teleconferencing, spreadsheet software programs and such.

After completing all the necessary training and getting their high degree, it is important for all the physician assistant practitioner to pass the NCCPA exam, which is the Physician Assistant National Certification Exam that is administered by what is known as National Commission on Certification of the Physician Assistants. Once they have obtained their licensure and they are allowed to work legally, it is important for the dermatology physician assistants to maintain their licensure in the long run by completing and tracking 100 continuing medical education hours once every couple of years. At the same time, the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants also requires licensed physician assistants to retest for certification once every six years, in order to maintain their credentials active.


The certification for dermatology physician assistants is provided by the National Commission on the Certification of Physician Assistants, and it shows that the PA in question has a high level of training, education and skill. In addition to continuing education which is essential for these health care professionals in order to maintain their license, dermatology physician assistants must know that there are plenty of additional resources and training program, from dermatology journals and texts to dermatology CME conferences they can attend.

Dermatology Assistant Salary In Canada, Australia And The United Kingdom

Dermatology physician assistants who work in Canada should expect to earn an hourly wage between C$13 and C$21, while those from Australia usually receive a mean yearly salary of around Au$26,000. On the other hand, those who live and work in the United Kingdom as dermatology physician assistants should expect to earn a salary that ranges anywhere between 15,000 and 32,000 pounds on a yearly basis. Verdict On Dermatology Physician Assistant Salary

To sum it up, the United States pays its dermatology physician assistants a very rewarding salary, and the job outlook is outstanding as well. Overall, these PAs are amongst the highest paid physician assistants in their field of activity.