Pharmacy Assistant Salary

Pharmacy Assistant Salary

Pharmacist assistants, commonly referred to as pharmacist technicians or pharmacist aids, are professionals who work closely to licensed pharmacists and who perform basic tasks. These professionals commonly work either in state hospitals or private pharmacies, they organize the pharmacy and they sometimes dispense medications depending on the medical prescriptions.

The duties will vary depending on the work environment, but generally speaking pharmacist technicians take orders from customers, check the availability of the products and then fill the prescription. The median yearly salary of a pharmacy technician in the United States of America is of $28,000, although this can vary a lot from one state to another.

Pay Scale In Different Parts Of The United States of America

One of the highest paying states for pharmacy technicians is California, where these professionals get around $38,000, followed by the states of Texas, New York and Illinois where they make around $31,000 a year. On the other hand, the state of Florida pays its pharmacy technicians a median yearly wage of around $28,000, Tennessee pays them with $28,000 while the states of Kentucky, Missouri and West Virginia pays them salaries that are just under the national average.

Pharmacy Assistant Job Description

The primary duty of the pharmacy assistant is to make sure that things are running smoothly at the pharmacy, this is why they commonly perform different administrative tasks as well. They work with both pharmacists and technicians, and it is their duty to get information from customers, accept prescriptions, greet the customers and then fill the medications. The pharmacy assistant also dispenses over the counter medications and other medical supplies, will answer e-mails and phone calls to the pharmacy and will also make sure that the medical stocks are up and running. These professionals commonly deal with unpacking the goods and doing the store inventory, they maintain the stock and they get rid of the expired medications.

The pharmacy assistant is commonly known as a pharmacy aide for a reason: it is the duty of the assistant or the technician to assist the licensed pharmacist, to maintain and to fill the new patient records, to deal with the existing paperwork as well as to prepare the medical letters. These professionals also prepare labels designed for prescription bottles with the help of a classic typewriter or a computer, and it must be mentioned that pharmacy assistants are not allow to fill prescriptions on the behalf of the pharmacist, neither to provide medical advise and instructions on how to take the medications. The assistants do not have enough medical training for that, and this is why they must refer to the head pharmacist for this.

How To Become A Pharmacist Assistant

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pharmacy assistantGenerally speaking, pharmacist assistants provide both non-medical and administrative or clerical supports to clinics, nursing homes, retail pharmacies as well as hospitals. They get most of their training on the job and all they usually need to get started is a high school diploma. With a high school diploma or an equivalent, they can easily enroll in a two-year certificate program for pharmacy assistants, provided either by colleges or by vocational schools all over the United States of America.

Finding an entry-level job as a pharmacist assistant is simple and straightforward, and you do not necessarily have to be certified for that given the fact that you will get most of your training on the site. You will be taught everything you need to know about developing good clerical, administrative and customer service skills.


If you have decided to get certified as a pharmacist assistant, then you should know that the certification program covers topics like physiology, anatomy or mathematics, all of which play a crucial role in the pharmaceutical field. Also, it is important to know principles of ethics and how to apply them to real life, and you will also need to get some hands-on experience in the field. You may need to also get certified in CPR, or cardiopulmonary resuscitation, if you want to increase your job opportunities.

Pharmacist Assistant Salary In Canada, Australia And The UK

In Canada, the median yearly wage is of CAD$31,000, in Australia it varies anywhere between Au$32,000 and Au$47,000 while in the UK the median yearly wage is of 15,000 pounds a year.

Verdict On Pharmacist Assistant Salary

To conclude, the salary of a pharmacist is very low usually, but this depends a lot on the state where you reside, as some states can almost pay double the salary other states would normally pay you.