General Dentist Salary

General Dentist Salary

General Dentist Salary In The United States

Dentists are health care professionals who examine and treat various injuries and diseases of the teeth and gums. These professionals perform preventive and maintenance dentistry, and it is their duty to help the patients maintain a proper tooth and gum care, as well as to educate them on various oral diseases and how they can be prevented. In most cases, general dentists can also recommend either surgery or braces in order to correct any malformations. Also, these professionals need a degree in dentistry, and the median expected salary for a typical general dentist in the United States of America is of $150,000, although this can vary from one region to another.

Pay Scale In Different Parts Of The United States

The annual median wage of general dentists vary a lot across the US. For instance, those who live and work in Spokane, Washington or in the largest cities of Texas such as Tyler or Odessa should expect a mean yearly wage of over $200,000, provided that they have at least four years of practical experience in the field. The salary in these areas is above the national average for general dentists, and this is what attracts hundreds of such professionals to these states each year.

General Dentist Job Description

General dentists provide both restorative and preventive treatments for a wide array of oral problems that affect both the teeth and the mouth. Most general dentists have opened their own private practice or they choose to work with the National Health Service, providing public dental services. These professionals typically work in community dentistry offices, hospitals that specialize in dentistry, corporate practices or the armed forces, while others choose to work in the research or university industry where they teach others the basics of dentistry. These professionals treat a variety of patients, ranging from children to seniors.

The duties and responsibilities of a general dentist are many, from educating the patients on oral health care and examining their teeth for detecting dental conditions in early state to assessing the different treatment options and carrying out clinical treatments such as treating the gum disease or teeth that have been affected by decay. It is also the duty of the general dentist to maintain the dental records of the patients, to train and manage their staff as well as to maintain proper stocks of equipment and to market their services to all the potential clients. These professionals need to be up to date with the latest developments in the dentistry industry through continuing professional development courses, workshops and seminars.

Nevertheless, the general duties and responsibilities of the general dentist typically vary depending on the work environment. Hospital dentists, for instance, usually treat patients who have been referred to them by a GDP and they often deal with complex dental care, while those who work in community dental services provide dental care services to both children and adults who have various disabilities or special needs. It often happens that general dentists who work with the community dental service provide regular school visits as well.

How To Become A General Dentist

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Dentist doing a treatmentBecoming a general dentist or dental practitioner takes a lot of time and training, as these professionals typically need to study for eight years and meet all the eligibility requirements to get their degrees and certification. It is important for future general dentists to take undergraduate courses that typically last for 4 years, followed by four years of dental school. Throughout this time, the dental professionals will practice their management skills.

After that, it is important for the general dentist to complete their prerequisite educational requirements and take courses in chemistry, math, health, physics as well as biology, as they will be essential for their dental school later on. After that, these health care professionals need to take the DAT or the Dental Admissions Test and only afterwards they can apply for admission to a dental school. After attending the dental school for four years and taking didactic courses where you will study microbiology, physiology, biochemistry as well as anatomy, you will move on to taking clinical courses in restorative dentistry, periodontics, oral diagnosis, endodontics and so on.

Experience plays a crucial role for becoming a general dentist, this is why health care professionals are highly advised to get a part time job as dental assistants or even as receptionists while they are still in dental school. This will offer them a deeper insight into the industry. The final step is to graduate with a degree of either DDS or DMD and take all the board exam (the national and the state exams that will grant you the license you need in order to practice dentistry). Once you have done that, you can consider your specialization and take the necessary steps for that.


No general dentist is fully trained without getting their board certification – in spite of the fact that this is not a general requirement, it is highly recommended to get it as it demonstrates a very high level of both experience and training. You can opt for a certification provided by the American Board of General Dentistry, as two thirds of the general dentists who work and reside in the United States are members of the American Dental Association. In spite of the fact that the American Dental Association does not provide professional certification, it gathers general dentists in one place and offers them useful resources.

General Dentist Salary In Canada, Australia And The United Kingdom

A general dentist who works in the United Kingdom should expect a mean yearly wage of around 60,000 pounds, while one who works in Canada typically earns around C$100,000 a year. On the other hand, dentists who live and work in Australia get around AU$90,000 a year.

Verdict On General Dentist Salary

To conclude, general dentists are very well paid across all the 50 states of the US, and outside of the country as well. Regardless of the country where you want to work as a general dentist, you should expect a very rewarding salary!