Prosthodontist Salary

Prosthodontist Salary

Prosthodontist Salary In The United States

The prosthodontist is a dental professional who specializes in the installation of various dental prosthetics, including dentures. The first step towards becoming a prosthodontist is getting your licensure as a dentist, and you can only do that by attending the dental school and getting a Bachelor’s Degree. After that, one must undergo up to three years of specialized training in order to become licensed prosthodontists. The average pay of a prosthodontist in the United States of America is of around $168,000 on a yearly basis, although some make more than others depending on their training and expertise.

Pay Scale In Different Parts Of The United States

The salary of the prosthodontist can vary a lot from state to state. The states of Alaska, Delaware and North Dakota are known to be amongst the lowest paying states in the US, while others pay significantly more, such as Maine which offers its prosthodontist a median yearly wage of up to $206,000. On the other hand, the states of Carolina or Hawaii are also great choices for those who want to work as prosthodontists, and states where these dental professionals are said to receive a below national average salary are Rhode Island, Vermont and North Carolina.

Prosthodontist Job Description

Simply put, prosthodontists are specialized dentists who develop and install dentures, crowns as well as bridges in order to replace the missing teeth of the patient. These professionals also deal with diagnosing, treating and preventing various problems that affect the teeth and the mouth tissue, they remove decays, they place protective plastic sealants and they also examine the X rays of the patients and perform all the necessary corrective surgery on the gums.

It is also the duty of the prosthodontist to create molds for the dentures and the dental bridges, and they usually need to deal with various office and administrative tasks as well, including purchasing equipment and supplies as well as dealing with bookkeeping. These dental professionals typically work close to other professionals from their field of activity, such as dental assistants and hygienists, receptionists as well as dental laboratory technicians.

Prosthodonts work across a variety of different settings and environments, from hospitals and small clinics to their own private offices, and they are an important part of the medical staff along with the administrative personnel and the staff of assistants. Other notable job duties and requirements involve replacing the missing teeth and all the associated oral structures with permanent fixtures or dentures, fix the prostheses to the patients and bringing all the necessary modifications and adjustments, designing and fabricating dental prostheses, supervising the dental technicians and the lab technicians, taking impressions of the patient’s teeth and jaw and so on. These dental professionals collaborate with specialists, general dentists and a variety of other health care professionals, and they specialize not only in installing dentures and fixtures but also in repairing and relining them whenever it is required.

How To Become A Prosthodontist?

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ProsthodontistBecoming a prosthodontist is not an easy task, as this typically requires more training and experience as becoming a general dentist. It is highly recommended that those who plan on becoming prosthodontists get a major in biology, chemistry or physics, and some pre-dental courses in English and Psychology are highly advisable as well. The next step is taking the DAT or the dental admission test, in order to apply for the dental school. The dental admission test is administered by the ADA or the American Dental Association, and it will help you enter the dental school which will last for four years and at the end of the program, you will get either a degree as Doctor of Dental Medicine or as one of Doctor of Dental Surgery. Throughout the training period, you will specialize in pharmacology, various dental materials, dental anatomy and craniofacial biology and so on.

Once you have gotten your degree, it is important to get a license by passing the National Board Dental Examination. However, it must be said that the licensing requirements vary a lot from one state to another, and once you have obtained yours it is important to move on to the next phase of becoming a prosthodontist, which is completing the residency training. You need to have some practical experience in performing dental implant treatment and oral restoration, and you can only get it through a post doctoral residency program that typically lasts for three years. During your residency training, you will improve your technical and your clinical skills and get a deeper insight into adjacent medical fields like oral prosthetic devices, anatomy, pathology, oncology and such.


If you wish to practice as a prosthodontist in the United States, then you will have to become a credentialed and licensed dentist first, and you can only do that by getting all the necessary training and degrees from an accredited school that specializes in dental medicine. After that, it is important to graduate from an accredited prosthodontic residency program and pass a national exam, and only after that you can move on to applying for the licensure in the state where you want to practice as a dental professional.

Prosthodontist Salary In Canada, Australia And The United Kingdom

A prosthodontist who lives and works in Canada should expect a mean yearly wage of around $140,000, while one who resides in Australia can make as much as AU$200,000 within one year of activity. Nonetheless, the salary of these dental professionals vary a lot depending on their training and certification. Prosthodontists who choose to work and specialize in the United Kingdom can earn anywhere between 30,000 pounds (usually the entry-level dental professionals) to as much as 100,000 pounds a year, with a median yearly wage in this country of around 60,000 pounds.

Verdict On The Salary Of A Typical Prosthodontist

To sum it all up, if you plan to work as a prosthodontist be in inside the United States of America or outside of the country, it is important to know that this is a very rewarding professional that also enjoys an excellent job outlook and growth. The number of available jobs has been increasing, and it is expected to increase even more in the following years – and so is the average payment for these dental professionals.