Counseling Psychology Salary

Counseling Psychology Salary

Counseling Psychology Salary In The United States

Counseling psychologists are trained professionals who choose to specialize in one of the many subfields of psychology – they typically offer their psychological services to faculty and university staff, to students as well as to other individuals. Also, while some of them treat their patients individually, others use group methods to do it. Counseling psychology requires a Master’s Degree in the field along with a license and at least four years of clinical experience, and the mean yearly wage of these professionals in the United States of America is of around $61,000.

Pay Scale In Different Parts Of The United States

Counseling psychologists are paid differently across the United States, and they earn the highest salary in the states of Hawaii and California – while a counseling psychologist earns around $95,000 a year in Hawaii, these professionals typically earn approximately $85,000 in California, and both salaries are over the national averages. On the other hand, the states of Kansas and Kentucky offers them the lowest mean yearly wage, of little over $50,000 on a yearly basis.

Counseling Psychologist Job Description

A counseling psychologist is a professional who focuses on offering targeted therapeutic treatments to clients who have various symptoms – this is one of the largest and most important areas of psychology, and these professionals typically choose between vocational counseling, teaching and researching. Those who choose to practice as counseling therapists typically use psychological theories to help other people realize their full potential and overcome their problems. At the same time, counseling psychologists work across a variety of different settings, from physician’s offices to state owned hospitals and mental health clinics. Also, a good counseling psychologist may as well work with other professionals such as psychiatric nurses, social workers or other clinical psychologists.

When it comes to counseling psychology, it must be said that there are several different types of counselor at the moment. For instance, there are the school and educational counselor which provide high-quality social, academic, personal and educational counseling services and typically work with schools or universities. On the other hand, there are the marriage and family counselors which help couples overcome their problems and prevent divorce, and there are also the career counselors which are more commonly known as vocational counselors, and they help people make better career decisions that will be very rewarding in the long run. Mental health counselors are professionals who work closely with patients who suffer from either psychological or emotional distress, and it is their duty to promote mental health amongst those who suffer from esteem issues, intense grief, anxiety, depression, various phobias and so on.

Behavioral counselors and rehabilitation counselors typically do the same thing, as they help people who suffer from emotional or physical disabilities that can interfere with their work life, their family or their social interaction.

How To Become A Counseling Psychologist

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counseling psychologyEducation and licensing are two aspects of utmost importance when it comes to becoming a skilled and reputable counseling therapist. It often happens that these professionals hold a Master’s Degree in psychology or one of the fields related to this profession, be it social work or counseling. Once you have enrolled in one of the many counseling programs provided by the university, it is important to choose your specialization and you can opt for community counseling, school or student affairs counseling, career counseling, substance abuse and mental health counseling and so on and so forth.

After you have completed your education in psychology, it is important to apply for your licensure and the licensing requirements can vary greatly from one state to another. As a matter of fact, some states in the United States of America allow you to work in their colleges without even holding a license, provided that you have a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in your field of practice. However, those who are employed in private practices must have professional counseling licenses. Once you have managed to get yours, you will receive the peace of mind you need knowing that you can practice counseling psychology without any problems.


Getting your state licensure is often not enough if you plan to pursue a lucrative career in the field, this is why it is recommended to opt for a certification as well. Counseling psychologists get their certification from the National Board of Certified Counselor, which provide National Certified Counselor credentials and certifications in various sub specialties of psychology, from school counseling and addiction counseling to clinical mental health counseling and so on.

Post-Master’s Degree certificates aim to provide you with all the necessary experience and proof that will help you get a stable and well-paid counseling career in psychology. Generally speaking, post-master’s certificate programs are completed after 9-30 credit hours and in order to get the certification, you will have to attend both the courses and to complete a supervised clinical practice that is done through either a practicum or an internship. Throughout your practical experience, you will work closely with other counseling psychologists and you will get the hands on experience that is essential for obtaining your certification.

Counseling Psychology Salary In Canada, Australia And The United Kingdom

Statistically speaking, counseling psychologists from the United Kingdom who work in the National Health Service typically have a salary that ranges from 30,000 pounds to 80,000 pounds, depending on their level of responsibility, their specialism as well as their overall experience. On the other hand, a counseling psychologist that lives and works in Australia should expect a mean yearly wage of around AU$69,000, while one who resides and works in the country of Canada can have a salary that ranges between C$45,000 and C$148,000, according to Pay Scale Canada.

Verdict On Counseling Psychology Salary

Overall, psychology is an industry that offers lucrative careers in a variety of different subfields, and those who are passionate about counseling and would like to help other people overcome their problems and understand their full potential should certainly consider a career in counseling psychology. The salary is very rewarding, and it is directly proportional to your experience and education in the field.