Echocardiography Salary

Echocardiography Salary

Echocardiography Salary In The United States

Echocardiography is a very complex field of activity that encompasses a plethora of positions, and the most common one is the job of echocardiograph technician. These professionals earn different salaries, depending on their experience, training level as well as on the state where they reside and work. On average, an echocardiograph technician earns around $65,000 a year in the United States of America. These are professionals who provide preliminary diagnostic evaluation and then inform cardiologists about the results of the examination. At the same time, the echocardiography technicians work in close connection to cardiologists, in order to establish all the requirements for examinations. These professionals perform a variety of other office and administrative tasks as well, in addition to their medical responsibilities.

Pay Scale In Different Parts Of The United States

As mentioned above, these professionals are remunerated differently across the US, and they get the highest salary in the states of California and Carolina, where they earn up to $80,000 on a yearly basis. These health care professionals earn a mean yearly wage of over $70,000 in other states as well, such as Colorado, Pennsylvania or Arizona, while Texas rewards its echocardiography technicians and other professionals who work in this field with approximately $65,000 a year.

Echocardiography Technician Job Description

Commonly referred to as an echocardiography technologist, the echocardiography technician is a professional who creates images of the heart and the heart muscle with the help of state of the art ultrasound techniques and equipment. The images are produced by attaching electrodes to the chest and equipment, as well as by adjusting the equipment and recording the cardiac data and measurements. It is the duty of the echocardiography technologist to protect and help the patients, as well as to prepare them for examinations. Moreover, these health care professionals also check the medical equipment before and after each examination, they preform maintenance tasks on the equipment and they also make the inventory and the restocking of the supplies. As mentioned above, echocardiography technologists work closely with physicians, as physicians typically send their patients to technologists for various examinations.

It is also the responsibility of the echocardiography technologist or technician to thoroughly explain the patient what the procedure is all about, as well as to answer all their question and to reduce their overall anxieties, which are very common during such a procedure. These health care professionals also need to position and reposition the transducer in order to deliver high-quality images, they need to listen to the signals and to adjust the equipment accordingly to get the best beam signal and to detect any potential abnormalities of the heart.

At the end of the procedure, it is the duty of the echocardiography technician to record the examination by simply printing graphics and data. These professionals typically make measurements of the cardiovascular system and they measure the thickness of the heart wall, the direction of the blood flow as well as its velocity, the size of the heart chamber and then they compare the measurements against the norms. It is important for the echocardiography technologists to take part in constant educational opportunities, events and conferences in order to regularly update their job knowledge and to be aware of the latest discoveries in the field.7

How To Become An Echocardiography Technician?

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echocardiographyThe demand for echocardiography technologists is on the rise, and these professionals need to have a series of innate skills in order to work in this medical field. A good echocardiography technician must possess good verbal communication skills, must have an impeccable bedside manner and must be able to create a safe and effective environment where the patient will feel secure. Moreover, these health care professionals must also possess good emotional control and they have to be professional, overall.

Echocardiography technicians typically work in hospitals and a variety of other private health care facilities, and they specialize in administering ultrasounds in order to diagnose various illnesses and diseases of the heart. In order to become an ECG technician or technologist, one must own at least an Associate’s Degree in the field, and these programs typically last for 12 months and they are offered by vocational schools and community college.

Throughout the course of the training program, echocardiography technicians will be taught the basics of ultrasound instrumentation and stress testing, cardiac pathophysiology, laboratory techniques and so on. Moreover, these professionals also need to take part in different internships and to complete laboratory studies. These professionals usually assist the physician with the diagnosis and treatment of the cardiovascular system diseases, and the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported an almost 30% growth in the job outlook for vascular and cardiovascular technologists and technicians.

Certification And Licensing For Echocardiography Technicians

In spite of the fact that the certification and licensing requirements for echocardiography technicians can vary greatly from one US state to another, most employees (especially those from private clinics and private offices) require their ECG professionals to be certified. The licensure for echocardiography technologists is provided by either the CCI (which stands for the Cardiovascular Credentialing International) or by the ARDMS, which is the American Registry for Diagnostic and Medical Sonography. Registration of the echocardiography technicians may also be required in certain states, in order for these health care professionals to be able to legally practice echo tests.

Echocardiography Technician Salary In Canada, Australia And UK

An echocardiography technician who works in Canada can get, on average, between C$18 and C$38 per hour, depending on how skilled and experienced he is. On the other hand, cardiac sonographers who work in Australia get a mean yearly wage of AU$81,000, while those who work in the United Kingdom usually make around 35,000 pounds a year.

Verdict On Echocardiography Technician Salary

To conclude, echocardiography technicians are quite well-paid, both within the United States and outside of the country. Two of the factors that have the utmost influence on the overall wage of these health care professionals are their training and experience in their field of activity.