Emergency Medicine Salary

Emergency Medicine Salary

Emergency medicine Salary In The United States

There are many different medical jobs in the emergency room, and emergency room physicians usually enjoy a very rewarding salary even if they only fill an entry-level position. The health care professionals who work in emergency rooms make sure to provide efficient disease diagnosis and treatment for the injuries, as well as to ensure the fast and efficient recovery of the patient following a traumatic event. This requires a degree in medicine provided by an accredited school, as well as a license to practice and at least two years of experience in the emergency unit. That being said, the average emergency medicine salary in the United States of America is of around $250,000 on a yearly basis, although this depends on the medical position of the professional as well as on their geographical location.

Pay Scale In Different Parts Of The United States

Different states pay their medical professionals different salaries – for instance, the average emergency medicine salary in the state of New York is of $237,000 a year, while the mean yearly wage for an emergency medicine physician in Washington DC is of $218,000.

Emergency Medicine Job Description

Emergency medicine is a branch of medicine that specializes in the treatment of acute and sub-acute emergency cases. It is the duty of the emergency medicine health care professional to assess the patient’s health status, to put an accurate diagnosis as well as to treat and discharge any patient that seeks immediate medical attention. The emergency medicine physician takes the full history of the patient, performs a thorough physical exam and then gets all the necessary tests in order to determine the culprit behind the patient’s disease or ailment. Emergency medicine professionals provide follow-up care, deal with traumas and virtually all sorts of both acute and non-acute problems. Given the fact that emergency medicine professionals usually deal with a variety of different medical problems, it is their duty to have a good grasp of most, if not all the medical fields.

The emergency room is a vibrant yet very stressful setting for many, as emergency room nurses and physicians deal with a variety of different cases, from broken bones, lacerations and other serious conditions that require urgent medical attention to the least important types of conditions. It is the duty of the emergency room physician to perform a variety of tests, from lumbar punctures and ultrasounds to filling toxicology reports and other medical tests to put an accurate diagnosis for the patient, and then provide an individualized treatment plan.

Trauma and critical care situations are part of the daily routine for an emergency room physician, and part of the duties and responsibilities of these health care providers include treating victims of accidental poisonings, animal bites, road accidents, violence, life-threatening diseases and so on and so forth. The emergency room is usually formed of EMTs, paramedics, trauma surgeons, nurses, physicians, physician assistants as well as a team of skilled and highly trained nurses.

How To Become An Emergency Room Physician?

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emergency medicineCommonly referred to as an ER physician, these professionals deal with providing high-quality medical attention to all patients that seek it in the hospital’s emergency rooms. In spite of the fact that emergency room physicians have a variety of duties and responsibilities, these professionals usually assess the symptoms of the patient, order all the necessary laboratory tests and then diagnose the illness and administer proper treatment. In order to become an emergency room physician, it is important to have at least three years of undergraduate school degree or a Bachelor’s Degree, to be eligible for the medical school. You can major in Biology, Physics or Chemistry, as these are three of the most important fields for every future emergency room physician.

Practical experience is at least as important as the theoretical experience, this is why it is highly recommended to volunteer in a medical setting like a nursing home or a clinic, where you will work as an emergency medical technician and gain all the experience you need for an entry-level position. Another important step you need to take to work in the emergency room is passing the Medical College Admission test and then graduate from the med school. Once you have received your diploma, it is important to finish a residency program that typically lasts for three to four years and then to enroll in a fellowship program that allows you to get a deeper insight into area of medicine in which you choose to specialize. The fellowship program typically takes up to two years to complete.


Certification is crucial for every emergency room physician, and it is offered by the American Board of Physician Specialties, more commonly known as the ABPS. There are several requirements that all future emergency room health care providers must meet in order to be eligible for the emergency room board certification. For instance, these professionals must have a full-time experience in emergency medicine of at least five years, they must have a minimum of 7,000 hours of practice in emergency medicine and they must complete a residency program in one of the most important medical specialties, from general surgery and pediatric medicine to family practice and internal medicine.

Emergency Medicine Salary In Canada, Australia And The United Kingdom

An emergency room physician gets around $40,000 pounds in the United Kingdom, for an entry-level position. However, those who have five years of experience or more can get double the salary. In Canada, on the other hand, the mean yearly wage for an emergency room health care provider is of C$270,000, while Australia pays its emergency room physicians with a yearly salary that varies between AU$152,000 and AU$205,000, depending on their place of employment as well as their experience.

Verdict On Emergency Medicine Salary

Emergency medicine physician, nurses and physician assistants get a very rewarding mean yearly wage in their field of activity. The emergency medicine can be a very stressful and demanding field at times, but it is equally rewarding in terms of payment.