Oncology Salary

Oncology Salary

The oncologist is the medical professional who works with patients who suffer from cancer. In other words, the oncologist is the cancer doctor: he can diagnose different types of cancer, assess the overall evolution of the condition and then come up with a tailored treatment plan to address it. These professionals usually prescribe and administer chemotherapy treatments to patients, and their median yearly wage revolves around the sum of $260,000 a year, although they can make a salary that ranges anywhere between $160,000 and as much as $400.000.

Pay Scale In Different Parts Of The United States of America

As it happens with all the other medical professionals, oncologists are paid differently across the United States of America. In the Northern states, for instance, these professionals should expect a median yearly wage of little over $220,000, while in the Southern states they are paid just under $210,000, in the Western part they receive around $205,000 while the Eastern area pays them with just under $170,000

Oncology Salary Job Description

The job duties and responsibilities of an oncologist are many, as these medical physicians take care of all the aspects related to the treatment of cancer, from diagnosing the patients to treating them. They study tumors and prescribe chemotherapy regimens for cancer patients, and they also prescribe other drugs that help them manage the pain. These professionals usually work both with children and with adults, and it is extremely important for the oncology medical physician to show empathy, care and commitment given the emotional needs of these patients.

When it comes to employment options, oncology medical physicians have many options to choose from: they can choose to teach the medical students, they can work in research facilities or they can work at university hospitals. Their salary is somewhat determined by their work environment, and these professionals also have the chance to choose from one of the many different specialties: they can become veterinary oncologists, pediatric or gynecological oncologists, or they can choose to specialize in a particular type of cancer where they provide targeted treatment, such as melanoma, lung or breast cancer and such.

On the other hand, it is not uncommon for some oncologists to choose an academic career as well, where they conduct in-depth research in the field of oncology, trying to understand tumors and their evolution. That being said, the oncologists who choose to work in the laboratory studying cancer can usually either try to develop newer and more efficient cancer detection tests, or they try to come up with new treatment techniques and methods that are more efficient yet less invasive at the same time.

How To Become An Oncology Physician?

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oncologistIf you have decided that you want to fight cancer and to become an oncologist and help those who suffer from this condition, then it is important to know that it can take up to 10 years of training, both theoretical and practical training, in order to get all of your credentials. The first step is to complete all your undergraduate studies in order to get into the medical school, meaning that you will need to get a Bachelor’s Degree and to have at least some basic knowledge of chemistry, physics and biology.

Once you have received your Bachelor’s, you can sit for the Medical College Admission Test or the MCAT and get admitted to the med school. Once you enter the med school, it is important to study for four straight years where you will learn more about anatomy, pathology, biochemistry and all the other important fields related to both medicine and oncology. After graduation, you need to complete your residency training for three extra years, and only after that you get to specialize in the field of oncology – the specialization period takes between 24 and 36 months, in general.


If you really want to make the best out of your career as an oncologist, then you should opt for one of the certification programs for oncology nurses and physicians provided by the Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation.

Oncology Salary In Canada, Australia And The UK

An oncologist who works in Canada can make up to CAD$240,000, one from Australia can make as much as Au$350,000 a year while one from the UK can get between 60,000 and up to 250,000 pounds a year.

Verdict On Oncology Salary

Working as an oncology professional can be stressful and emotionally challenging, but the payment is certainly rewarding. Oncology specialists are amongst the highest paid medical professionals in the industry.