Nurse Anesthesiologist Salary

Nurse Anesthesiologist Salary

Nurse anesthetists are health care professionals who assist certified anesthesiologists in the operating room – it is their duty to help anesthesiologists administer the anesthesia before and during the surgery. The job outlook for nurse anesthetists is great, as the demand has been continuously growing over the past decade. The median yearly wage for these professionals is of around $55,000 a year, although in some cases they can make as much as $150,000 a year or even more, depending on whether they work in a state owned hospital or in a private clinic.

Pay Scale In Different Parts Of The United States of America

Nurse anesthesiologists are paid differently across the US, and one of the highest paying states is Wyoming where these professionals can make as much as $215,000 a year. After Wyoming, the second highest paying state is Nevada where they make more than $208,000 a year, followed by the District of Columbia with more than $180,000 a year, Connecticut with approximately $181,000 a year, and the state of Oregon, where nurse anesthesiologists make around $175,000 a year. These are only some of the highest paying states in the United States of America, at the moment.

Nurse Anesthesiologist Job Description

The job duties and responsibilities of a certified nurse anesthesiologist (most commonly known as a nurse anesthetist) vary greatly depending on the type of facility in which they work, as well as on their physical location. Generally speaking, these trained professionals work closely with anesthesiologists, surgeons as well as physicians, in order to determine the anesthesia needs of each patient. These professionals can work in various pain management centers, labor and delivery centers, intensive care units, hospital surgical units, outpatient units, state owned hospitals and so on.

One of the most notable duties of the nurse anesthesiologist is assessing the patient and explaining them the entire procedure. It is also the duty of the nurse anesthesiologist to come up with a well-thought anesthesia plan that will note all the different medical conditions one must be fully aware of before the surgery, and to prepare the patient for the operation. It often happens that these specialized nurses firstly insert an IV prior to the surgery, then check the temperature, the pulse and the blood pressure of the patient. These professionals must also know how to operate different monitoring devices, given the fact that it is their responsibility to monitor the status of the patient before, during and after the surgery.

As mentioned earlier, nurse anesthesiologists work closely with anesthesiologists and they prepare and administer the anesthesia, depending on the needed type of anesthetic. They also monitor the body’s reaction to the drug that has been inserted, and they will also prepare the patient for transferring to the recovery room.

How To Become A Nurse Anesthesiologist?

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Nurse AnesthesiologistIn order to become a nurse anesthesiologist, you will need to enroll in a four-year training program that will result in a Bachelor’s Degree in nursing. Also, a one-year proof of practice is also required if you plan to apply for the certification and become a CRNA, or a certified registered nurse anesthetist. In most cases, these health care professionals opt for a Master’s degree in the science of nursing as well.


Certified registered nurse anesthetists work in a variety of different settings these days, and the basic eligibility requirements for the certification involve a bachelor’s Degree in nursing. The licensure is also very important for the certification, and a 12-month experience in acute care experience (be it in the Emergency Room or in the Intensive Care Unit) is also required. Getting your certification as a nurse anesthesiologist also involves enrolling in an accredited nurse anesthesia training program, and once you graduate from that one you will need to sit for the national certification examination.

Nurse Anesthesiologist Salary In Canada, Australia And The UK

There are currently no known nurse anesthesiologists in Canada, and those from Australia have a median yearly wage of around Au$180,000. On the other hand, nurse anesthesiologists who work in the United Kingdom typically earn between 60,000 and 90,000 pounds a year.

Verdict On Nurse Anesthesiologist Salary

To summarize, nurse anesthesiologists are amongst the highest paid nurses in the health care industry, and the greatest thing about this job is that it does not require extensive training either.