Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Salary

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Salary

Pediatric nurse practitioners are registered health care professionals who are highly trained in nursing, and they have a Master’s Degree in the Science of Nursing. The pediatric nurse can choose to specialize in one of the many different subfields of nursing, from oncology and acute care to prenatal care, psychiatric health and community health. Commonly referred to as advanced practice registered nurses, these professionals typically work under the close supervision of a trained physician and they provide high-quality medical care for children. The median yearly wage of a pediatric nurse practitioner is of around $69,000 a year, although the salary can vary a lot from one state to another.

Pay Scale In Different Parts Of The United States of America

When it comes to pediatric nurse practitioner salary, it must be said that the highest paying state at the moment is California, with a median yearly salary of more than $90,000 a year, followed by the states of Massachusetts and Hawaii, which pay their pediatric nurse practitioners salaries of $86,000 and $83,000 a year, respectively. Other high paying states are Orlando with $83,000 a year, Texas with around $90,000 a year and Indiana with approximately $89,000 a year.

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Job Description

The duties and responsibilities of the pediatric nurse vary greatly, but they usually provide medical services to children. It is very important for these nurses to be very caring and compassionate, and they need to conduct different tests, record the medical history of the patients, come up with tailored treatment plans and work closely with doctors and physicians, in order to raise public awareness regarding different aspects of health.

One of the duties of the pediatric nurse practitioner is to prescribe medications to patients, just like any other physician would. Nowadays, pediatric nurse practitioners have the chance to operate independently in more than half of the total number of states in the USA, and in addition to the treatments and services described above, these health care professionals also order different medical tests that will help them diagnose a condition, they conduct different counseling sessions and they also educate patients on how to care for different chronic conditions. They work closely with skilled psychologists and psychiatrists and they also help doctors and physicians prescribe the best treatment plan for the patients.

Generally speaking, pediatric nurse practitioners work mainly with teenagers and babies and help them overcome different conditions and illnesses that are commonly associated with childhood. It often happens that these nurses also work with newborns, and they are highly trained in the field of child behavior and body language as well.

How To Become A Pediatric Nurse?

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pediatric nurse practitionerIf you are passionate about the science of nursing and you would like to pursue a rewarding career in the field, then you should know that working as a pediatric nurse practitioner is one of the best career options for you, as the salary is very rewarding. The fist step is to undergo traditional schooling by enrolling in a classic training program provided by a nursing school. After you have completed the training period, you need to sit for the nursing examination and pass the test.

Then you can get your license and become a registered pediatric nurse practitioner, and after you get a one-year hands on experience in a clinical setting, you can move on to enrolling in a program of higher education such as a Master’s degree program in nursing. Then you can choose to specialize in paediatrics, or you can choose to get a double specialization as there are plenty of options to choose from.


Although certification is not paramount, you can pursue a certification if you want to improve your job opportunities and to increase your chances of getting a higher salary. The exact requirements may vary from one state to another, this is why it is important to consult with the institution of higher education from your state in order to be up to date with the eligibility requirements.

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Salary In Canada, Australia And The United Kingdom

In Canada, a pediatric nurse practitioner has a median yearly wage of around Ca$43,000, while in Australia the salary can easily reach and even exceed Au$95,000. In the United Kingdom, on the other hand, the median yearly wage for a pediatric nurse practitioner can range anywhere between 13,000 and as much as 45,000 pounds.

Verdict On Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Salary

To conclude, these professionals are paid very well and the job is very professionally rewarding as well.