Dermatologist Salary

Dermatologist Salary

With the right experience and dedication, a dermatologist salary can be quite a hefty one. The median annual salary for a dermatologist is around $302,000. This equates to about $145 per hour. Those working in the lowest 10th percentile can expect to earn roughly $220,000 or less, which is also $106 or less an hour. If this is the lowest salary possible, then dermatologists should expect a higher standard of living. The most lucrative positions for dermatologists, those in the top 10th percentile, can expect to earn $402,000 or higher. This is about $194 an hour. It is best, however, to look at the middle 50% of dermatologists to see the average salary. Those dermatologists will make between $124 and $171 an hour. This adds up to between $258,000 and $355,000 every year. Many factors can determine that difference of over hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual income. Like many other professions, experience plays a major role, as well as geographic location. Dermatologists working in metropolitan areas earn a higher pay-grade normally. Also, the prairie states will offer higher incomes to dermatologists. States in the west, like Arizona and California, typically pay their dermatologists higher salaries. This could be due to the weather having an effect on people’s skin, meaning demand for dermatology is higher in those states. In addition to a dermatologist salary, compensation packages add to the overall wealth a dermatologist can accrue. After benefits, a dermatologist can expect to make about $402,000 in total compensation. This is an average. Benefits may include social security, pension, health care, or paid time off, among many others.

Job Description of a Dermatologist

Dermatologists are medical physicians that specialize in the skin. Diagnosing and treating skin diseases, as well as preventing them, are all important functions of a dermatologist. Some diseases normally encountered in the office may include acne, dandruff, and skin cancer. Some dermatologists also perform procedures to help the overall look of a patient’s skin. This may include improving skin tone or reducing the signs of aging. These procedures may include Botox or collagen injections, among others. Dermatologists also take part in surgeries. These are outpatient surgeries, which may include removing legions, warts, moles, or cancerous cells from the skin. Samples are normally sent for biopsy for further testing. Prevention, as mentioned before, is a major part of a dermatologist’s office work. Dermatologists will instruct their patients on the prevention of skin diseases by teaching the proper uses of sunscreen, shampoo, and/or facial cleansers.

How to become an dermatologist

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dermatology physician assistantLike many medical professionals, years of schooling are required to become a dermatologist. Aspiring dermatologists should expect to spend four years getting a bachelor’s degree, four years getting a medical degree, and another three years in residency training. This is the norm for most medical positions. Dermatologists must also successfully pass the USMLE exam, as well as the American Board of Dermatology’s Board Certification Test. Licensing requirements must also be met per the state the dermatologist wishes to work in.

Dermatologist Salaries in Other Countries (Canada, Australia and UK)

On average, dermatologists can expect to earn roughly C$110,000 while practicing in Canada. This is significantly less than those dermatologists working in the U.S. Australia pays their dermatologists significantly more, with their average annual salaries around A$290,000. The United Kingdom pays in the middle compared to Canada and Australia. U.K. dermatologists should expect to earn about £125,000 every year. This is slightly over $200,000 in the United States.

Verdict on Dermatologist Salary

Like many positions within the medical field, dermatologists can expect a luxurious salary well into the six figures. Experience and location can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in difference, however, so it’s important to find the best-paying state to work in. The western states usually offer higher pay-grades. Furthermore, many years of schooling are required to become a dermatologist, like most medical professionals. This is not a fast-track into the working world, not by far.

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