ENT Salary

ENT Salary

ENT stands for ear, nose and throat doctor, commonly known as an otolaryngologist. Simply put, these professionals deal with ear infections and all the other problems that affect the nose and throat. They can work in private clinics or in state owned hospitals, and in some cases the ear, nose and throat doctors are even present in the operating room. The median yearly salary for an ENT professional in the United States of America is of around $308,000 per year, although the highest median wage for these health care professionals can easily exceed $500,000, depending on their geographical location, their work environment as well as on their level of expertise.

Pay Scale In Different Parts Of The United States of America

Like it happens with most of the medical professions these days, ear, nose and throat doctors are paid differently across the United States of America. For instance, the state of Arkansas offers them a median yearly pay of around $260,000, which is slightly under the national average described above, while the state of Connecticut pays its otolaryngologists with almost $350,000 a year, which is significantly over the national average. The state of Illinois pays ENT professionals a median wage of around $325,000 a year.

ENT Doctor Job Description

As described above, ENT professionals are physicians who choose to specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of various illnesses, conditions and disorders that affect the ear, nose and the throat of the patient. These professionals deal with patients of all ages, and they often specialize as primary care doctors as well.

In spite of the fact that ENT physicians deal with diagnosing a variety of conditions that affect the ear, nose and throat, these professionals mainly treat minor conditions such as ringing in the ears, ear infections as well as different disorders that affect the nerves. These professionals also diagnose and treat different throat maladies, and they work closely with those who have a diminished sense of smell as well. Those who have difficulty swallowing or speaking due to a disease may also find relief after visiting an ENT professional. Also, it is not uncommon for an ENT doctor to work with patients who have suffered a severe trauma to the face, especially to the neck, ear and nose area, as in some cases the ENT doctors perform surgical procedures as well.

Otolaryngologists can be found in a variety of different settings, from hospitals and clinics to private medial offices.

How To Become An ENT Professional?

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ent_As it happens with any other professional in the health care industry, ENT professionals need to enroll in college and then to obtain a Medical Degree, be it an M.D. or a D.O. in the field, in order to work legally in the United States of America. They must firstly enroll in a four-year training program provided by a university or a college, and then enroll in a medical school that takes four extra year.

At the end of the med school, they will be awarded a medical degree that they can use later on for enrolling in a residency training program that typically lasts for 36 months. The fellowship is optional, and it takes 24 more months – however, most of the ENT professionals these days choose to finish a fellowship program as well, given the fact that it helps then improve their set of skills while enriching their knowledge at the same time.


Nowadays, most employers require their ENT professionals to have a certification in otolaryngology, and this credential is provided by the ABMS, an acronym that stands for the American Board of Medical Specialties. A license and a certification can certainly improve the job opportunities for these health care providers, and the license must be renewed once every 10 years.

ENT Salary In Canada, Australia And The United Kingdom

The median yearly wage of an ENT professional in Canada is of Ca$340,000 a year, while Australia offers them around Au$80,000 a year, depending on the work environment. On the other hand, the UK pays them a median yearly wage of around 70,000 pounds a year.

Verdict On ENT Salary

Working as an ENT can turn out to be very lucrative and rewarding, from all points of view.