ER Salary

ER Salary

ER stands for emergency room, and all the doctors, physicians and nurses who work in the emergency room need to know that this is one of the riskiest, most stressful and most demanding areas of medicine, given the fact that they are the first medical professionals to get into contact with people who have suffered severed trauma or injuries. ER professionals and physicians commonly deal with life and death situations, and the median yearly wage of an ER physician rises to around $250,000 a year, although in some parts of the USA, these health care professionals can make as much as $350,000.

Pay Scale In Different Parts Of The United States of America

In California, a skilled and experienced emergency room physician gets around $25.00 per hour, while in Hawaii they get just over $24.00 per hour. In Massachusetts, the state of Alaska and New Jersey these health care professionals make around $23.00 per hour, while Oregon, Delaware Maryland and the state of Connecticut pays them with around $22.00 per hour.

ER Physician Job Description

These professionals need to cope with dangerous, life and death situations and it is their duty to resuscitate and stabilize the patients. ER physicians work closely with other health care professionals to diagnose the patients and to come up with the most suitable treatment plan depending on their condition. They must take the medical history of the patient quickly and briefly, and they must react quickly as sometimes they only have a few minutes to administer the right treatment. The high salary most emergency room physicians get these days should not be the only factor that determines you to pursue a career in the emergency room field.

The ER physician must do everything in his power to stabilize the patient, to handle the medical emergency in an efficient and ethic manner and to help the patient cope with the pain. These professionals must check and document the vital signs and the overall symptoms of the patient, they must move the patients from one department to another, to prescribe and administer the medical treatment, to take different blood and tissue samples as specimens to be sent to the laboratory, to provide the necessary medical provisions, to document the allergies and such. Another aspect of utmost importance is asking the patient about all the prescription and the over the counter medications that they take, just to make sure that the treatment administered in the emergency room will not interfere with other treatments.

Working as an emergency room physician does require some pre-requisites as well, given the fact that the doctorate degree is of utmost importance for the career of every ER physician. In addition to the degrees of higher education, these professionals must also get certifications in other fields like critical care, advanced cardiac support or basic life support.

How To Become An Emergency Room Physician?

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ER PhysicianThe pre-medical courses play a crucial role during the undergraduate education, as without them it is impossible for the students to apply and get admitted to the medical school. The premed coursework should include in-depth classes in most of the topics related to the medical field, from the organic and inorganic chemistry to biology and physics. After applying for the MCAT test and getting to the med school, you will need to study for four years in order to get your degree: the first two years will consist of thorough coursework while the final two of practical experience.

Throughout the entire med school you will find out more about physiology, microbiology, pathology, pharmacology and anatomy. Once they get their medical degree, it is extremely important for students to apply for the USMLE or the United States Medical Licensing Examination, as otherwise they would be unable to practice in the United States without a license.

The residency program, on the other hand, is equally important and it usually lasts for 36 months. Some of the physicians – especially those who plan to work in the ER – can also enroll in a one-year internship that will help them get used to the stressful and highly demanding environment in the emergency room.


The certification is provided either by the AOBEM or the ABEM institutions, and students are only eligible to sit for the certification after they complete their residency period. However, even after getting their certification, it is important for them to understand the importance of continuing education in order to maintain their certification valid.

ER Salary In Canada, Australia And UK

In Australia, an ER physician makes more than Au$100,000 a year, in the United Kingdom between 40,000 and 70,000 pounds a year while in Canada they make around $CAD270,000 a year.

Verdict On ER Salary

To conclude, the salary of an emergency room physician is according to the stress and the work volume these health care professionals need to face in the ER, on a daily basis.