Family Physician Salary

Family Physician Salary

Family physicians are professionals who offer efficient nutrition and diet advice, who teach us everything about preventive care, who administer vaccines, prescribe and administer medications and other treatments for addressing minor illnesses. Generally speaking, we go to our family physician when we catch a cold or a flu, or when we suffered an injury and we need help.

The private practice of the family physician usually consists of several nurses and assistants to help the physician with both the medical and the administrative or clerical tasks. The median yearly wage for a family physician in the United States of America ranges between $130,000 and $200,000 from one state to another. Regardless of the geographical location, these health care professionals gain a six figure salary in all states.

Pay Scale In Different Parts Of The United States of America

Arkansas, Wyoming and Wisconsin pay family physicians median wages that revolve around the sum of $200,000, while the states of Kansas, Georgia and Massachusetts pay them little over $180,000 a year. At the opposite end, there are the states of Florida, Montana, New York and Vermont which offer family physicians mean yearly wages around $130,000-$140,000, therefore being situates at the lower end of the national average described above.

Family Physician Job Description

As a general rule, we go to our family physician whenever we have a problem that is non urgent, one that does not require urgent medical case – otherwise we would be going straight to the hospital’s emergency room. The family physician treats virus infections, colds, infections of the sinus, strains and sprains, broken bones and such.

If after a thorough examination and symptom inspection your family physician has the suspicion that there is a more serious underlying condition that needs to be addresses, then you will certainly be referred to a specialist. Also, the family physician can prescribe different radiologic tests as well and give patients prescriptions for various drugs.

Most of the family physicians these days have opened their own private practice, and they are also part of a larger group practice. They have a solid patient database, patients that are usually loyal and come to the same doctor for years to come. In spite of the fact that family physicians usually have very well-defined working schedules, it is not uncommon for them to be often on call regardless if it is day or night.

How Do You Become A Family Physician?

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If you are passionate about medicine and helping people and you would rather work with the same patients than family physicianmeet new one, then becoming a family physician may be the best choice. Once you have completed all your undergraduate requirements, you can move on to enrolling in a program of higher education provided by an accredited university of college. These Bachelor’s Degree training programs typically lasts for four years, and only after that you can sit for the admissions test to the med school. You will need to be very familiar with different subjects that you will study all the way through the med school, such as biology, chemistry or math.

However, getting admitted to the med school takes a lot more than just passing the MCAT, commonly known as the Medical College Admissions Test. You will also need some letters of recommendation coupled with academic transcripts. The med school training lasts for four years, just like the Bachelor’s Degree training program, and you will learn everything you need to know related to psychology, anatomy, medical ethics, biochemistry as well as pharmacology.

Also, during the med school training you will get some practical hands-on experience as well. Only after you graduate you will be able to enroll in a three year residency program, one that typically takes place in a private doctor’s office. The residency is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of working as a family physician, as it is then when you get the real feel of the job.


Certification is essential in the USA, and depending on your level of training, you will need to pass the licensure exam for the USMLE credential or for the COMLEX-USA credential.

Family Physician Salary In Canada, Australia And The UK

In Canada, family physicians are paid with around CAD$120,000 a year, in Australia with approximately Au$92,000 while in the United Kingdom they can make as much as 140,000 pounds.

Verdict On Family Physician Salary

The salary of a family physician is certainly very rewarding and motivating.