Fellowship Salary

Fellowship Salary

According to the data reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor, a fellowship physician’s median annual salary is about $150,353. However, there are a lot of factors that can greatly affect the number such as working industry, type of specialty, type of employer and geographic location. Furthermore, fellowship physicians may obtain annual extra bonuses. Examples of this are postdoctoral fellows, which can receive an additional $2,000 in annual bonus. The rest of the article is going to cover about Fellowship physician’s salary and other important information.

Fellowship Job Description

A fellowship is a kind of doctor who has a higher degree in the field of medicine, but still on the process of completing a residency training program. The main purpose of fellows is to gain valuable on-hand experience in any medical specialty of their choosing such as internal medicine or pediatrics. If a fellowship has completed the residency training, the physician will be able to practice the sub-specialty without supervision of other physicians. Aside from on-hand training, a fellow’s job description may include budgeting, medical event planning and communicating with other hospital teams.

Fellowship Salary

As mentioned before, a fellowship’s salary can largely vary according to certain factors. However, being a fellow, one can expect an annual salary of $150,353 (United States). That translates to about 20$ per hour.

Fellowship Wage Scale In The United States

When looking in percentiles, 90% of the fellowship physicians have a median annual wage of around $194,427. 75% of the fellowship physicians receive an annual wage of $173,423. 25% of the fellowship physician receives about $134,216 per year. 10% of the fellowship physicians are making about $119,525 annually.

An average fellowship physician within the United States is making an annual salary of about $34,225 to $59,542. Furthermore, it is not uncommon to see an annual bonus of around $4,888 as part of the fellowship salary package. Therefore, a fellowship physician may receive a total of $34,306 to $59,982 annually.

When considering the years of experience, a fellowship physician’s annual wage can vary significantly. For a fellowship physician with one to four years experience may receive an hourly wage of about $15.10 to $27.61, while a fellowship physician with five to nine years of experience may receive an hourly wage of $19.71 to $29.48.

Fellowship Salary In Canada

For fellowship physician in Canada, a yearly salary of C$32,318 to C$55,684 can be expected. An additional bonus of C$6,851 can be expected as part of the annual salary package. This translates to a total of C$32,363 to C$59,994 per year.

Fellowship Salary In Australia

For fellowship physicians in Australia, they can expect a yearly salary of about AU$57,408 to AU$90,913. An additional bonus of AU$3,500 can be expected as part of the annual salary package. This translates to a total earnings of about AU$57,408 to AU$90,913 per year.

Fellowship Salary In United Kingdoms

For fellowship physician in the United Kingdom, the average salary is about £23,373 to £34,915 per year. A fellowship physician in the UK may also expect an additional bonus of £2,492 per year as part of the annual salary package. In total, this will translate to a yearly wage of about £23,301 to £35,060.

How To Become A Fellowship Physician

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fellowship physicianBefore anyone can be officially accepted as a fellowship physician, he or she should have completed any entry-level education from an accredited medical university or educational institution; usually it’s a four-year degree in medicine. Then it must be followed with a completion of a medical residency program.

A candidate of a fellowship physician may choose any residency specialty training program, and this usually requires four to six years to complete. Furthermore, the candidate should also obtain the necessary licenses and requirements that allow him or her to practice on top of passing the board exams for medicine. A candidate is also required to complete any PhD in any medical-related specialization and must also gain at least 10 years of working experience.

Verdict On Fellowship Physician Salary

The verdict on fellowship physician salary is bound to stay stable in the coming years. While it is true the average salary of fellowship physician is well above the general median income, the job entails a lot of requirements. However, a fellowship opens a lot of doors for higher specialized job descriptions which may also mean higher annual salary. The profession also gains a lot respect and authority in the eyes of the general public. It is not uncommon to see a lot of physicians opting for a fellowship as it opens up further developments in their career.