GP Salary

GP Salary

General practitioners, commonly known as GPs, are family or GP physicians who deal with taking care of the health of the general population. These are skilled health care providers who specialize in many different medical fields, from nutrition and fitness to administering vaccines, hygiene advice as well as preventive care services. Just like the name suggests, general practitioners offer general medical services, but if they suspect a more serious underlying condition or illness, then they will most likely refer the patient to a trained specialist who knows what to do next.

In some cases, the general practitioner may also order diagnostic imaging tests, blood tests and a variety of other investigations, if they have suspicions about a certain medical condition. Overall, the median yearly salary for these health care providers varies anywhere between $136,000 and as much as $204,000 a year, depending on their level of training and expertise, their geographic location as well as their work environment.

Pay Scale In Different Parts Of The United States of America

General practitioners are paid differently across the United States of America, and currently the highest paying state is considered to be the state of Arkansas, where these health care providers offer around $206,000. After that, the state of Wisconsin pays them with around $203,000 on average, followed by the states of Utah and Wyoming where general practitioner professionals are paid median yearly salaries that exceed $190,000 a year. The states of Georgia, Kansas as well as the state of Massachusetts also offer attractive median yearly salaries of over $180,000, which tends to be higher than the national average.

GP Job Description

General practitioners are those people to whom patients go first in order to get medical advice or treatments. These professionals deal with assessing the overall health status of the patient by paying attention to their signs and symptoms, as well as to their medical history. After doing that, the general practitioner can either prescribe medication along with the necessary treatment, or they can refer these professionals to another specialist.

The duties and responsibilities of a general practitioner are many. These health care professionals need to meet with the patients, listen to their signs and symptoms and then check their medical histories, after which they need to perform physical examinations and to conduct diagnostic tests in order to determine the underlying cause of the disease. It is also important for the general practitioner to provide vaccinations and to discuss with the patient the available treatment and medication options.

In some cases, the general practitioner may even be trained to perform minor surgeries, to respond to emergency calls as well as to conduct routine checkups coupled with physical examinations. It is also important for the general practitioner to manage a private medical practice, to hire and to supervise the employees as well as to maintain the patient records and to consult with other specialists from the medical field. General practitioners also attend different professional conferences and obtain continuing education in order to maintain their license and certification valid.

General practitioners also need to take care of other daily duties and tasks. For instance, they need to hold consultations prior to the surgeries, they need to decide on the most suitable treatment plan for the patient and they also need to take care of various management and administrative duties as well. These professionals also need to deal with hiring and managing the staff, keeping detailed medical records of all the patients that have come to the GP’s private practice, to conduct regular check-ups on the patient and to provide general advice to the wide public on how to stay healthy and it in the long run.

How To Become A General Practitioner?

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gen practitionerIn order to become a good general practitioner, one must firstly get all the necessary training in order to become a physician, and the first step in order to do that is to get your undergraduate degree. After that, it is important to enroll in a four-year medical school followed by several more years of residency training at a local hospital. One of the most challenging and difficult parts when it comes to becoming a general practitioner is taking the MCAT test which will grant you your entry to the medical school. The residency program is also one of the most important aspects, because it is during the residency training where you will get all the practical hands-on experience that you will so much need in the future.

The advancement opportunities for general practitioners are somewhat limited, although these professionals can move on to opening their private practices at a certain point, if now they are only working for a state owned hospital.

General Practitioner Certification

It is extremely important for every general practitioner who works on the territory of the United States of America to be either licensed or certified, and the certification is offered by the ABGP or the American Board of General Practice. Simply put, this is a non-profit certifying and examination board that has been licensing general practitioners for more tham 20 years. In order to get certified as a general practitioner, the applicant must have completed all the formal educational requirements, including the residency training that can take a few years. After that, it is also very important for the physician to be active and to be good standing members of the American Academy of General Physicians.

GP Salary In Canada, Australia And The United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, a general practitioner can make between 30,000 and as much as 97,000 pounds a year, while one from Canada should expect to get a median yearly wage that ranges between Ca$46,000 and as much as Ca$197,000. At the same time, an Australian general practitioner has a salary that ranges between Au$41,000 and up to Au$204,000 a year, depending on their experience as well as on the work environment.

Verdict On GP Salary

To sum it all up, the salary of a general practitioner is very rewarding given the work volume and the responsibilities that are associated with this job.

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