Gynecologist Salary

Gynecologist Salary

The average median gynecologist salary in the United States is reported to be about $252,000 per year or about $121 per hour. The top 10 percent of the workforce reported wages of about $352,000 or more per year or about $170 or more per hour. The lowest 10 percent of gynecologists reported a salary of about $188,000 or less per year or about $90 or less per hour. The middle 50% of the workforce had salaries ranging from $217,000 to $304,000 per year or $105 to $147 per hour.

Several factors affect how much a gynecologist earns. Factors such as number of years of work experience, skills, geographic location, number of hours worked, type of practice and professional reputation. Also gynecologists who owned their own private practices (or are partners in a private practice), reported higher earnings than those employed by other physicians and hospitals.

Gynecologists are also given several benefits and bonuses depending on where they work. Benefits such as social security, pension, 401K, bonuses, paid time off and healthcare benefits can bring the median compensation package for a gynecologist to about $338,000 per year.

Job description of a gynecologist

What does a gynecologist do? They are physicians that specialize in the female reproductive system. They carry out diagnosis and treatment of diseases associated with the female reproductive system. They also help to prevent disease and maintain the general health of the female reproductive system.

Gynecologists, just like other physicians, are generally also concerned with preventing, diagnosis and treatment of most health problems but are focused on diseases and illnesses of the female reproductive system.

A gynecologist will deal with matters such as menstrual problems, vaginal discharge, fertility problems, breast inspection for lumps and STD’s.

How to become a gynecologist

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GynecologistThe education required to become a gynecologist after finishing high school takes 12 years. This involves 4 years bachelor’s degree, 4 years medical school and 4 years of residency.

Gynecologists are medical doctors and as such must obtain a medical degree from an accredited medical program. The basic requirement to enter medical school is a minimum of 3 years of college. In practice however, you will need a 4-year bachelor’s degree to get accepted in most cases. Majoring in premed is not a requirement as medical schools admit students with many different majors. But taking classes in science subjects such as chemistry, biology, anatomy, physics are required. Some students also take classes in humanities subjects and mathematics.

Medical school admission is highly competitive and involves a lot. You will have to submit transcripts, submit scores from the Medical School Admission Test (MCAT) (which you should sit and pass in your junior in college), submit letters of recommendation and go through admission interviews.

During medical school, you will spend the first 2 years attending classes and doing laboratory work. Popular subjects include physiology, anatomy, pharmacology, biochemistry, pathology, medicine law and microbiology. The last 2 years of medical school will be spend gaining experience in hospitals with patients. You will be supervised during this period. This is where you learn a lot f the general things a doctor does. You will learn to care for patients, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology. You also gain experience in surgery and the diagnoses and treatment of diseases and illness.

Immediately after graduating medical school, you will likely take a 1-year rotating internship at a hospital or clinic before entering into residency. The residency program is the training where you learn and gain experience in your specialty which in this case is gynecology.

Physicians in all states must be licensed. This involves graduating from an accredited medical program, passing the licensing exams and complete your residency program.

Gynecologist salary in other countries (UK, Canada and Australia)

In the United Kingdom (UK), a consultant gynecologist reports a salary of about £180,000 per year.

In Canada, the average annual gynecologist salary is CA$115,000. The range for Canada is from CA$75,000 to CA$170,000.

In Australia, gynecologist salary ranges from AU$55,000 to AU$180,000 per year.

Verdict about Gynecologist salary

Compared to many other occupations, gynecologists are very well paid. Gynecologist salary is very competitive and depends on many factors. The figures given in this article is only for guidance and it is not uncommon to see gynecologists reporting a salary much higher than what we have posted above.