Neuropsychologist Salary

Neuropsychologist Salary

Neuropsychologists are professionals who deal with the diagnosis and treatment of various neuropsychological disorders. These professionals conduct a variety of different tests, from memory and language tests to tests designed to measure the intelligence, the emotional and the motor skills of the patient.

Moreover, neuropsychologists are specialists that can teach psychology in universities, they can be an important part of the hospital staff or they can choose to open their own private practices. The median yearly wage of a neuropsychologist in the United States of America varies depending on the work environment as well as on the level of education of the professional but, on average, these specialists should expect a mean yearly wage that varies anywhere between $64,000 and 96,000.

Pay Scale In Different Parts Of The United States

In spite of the fact that neuropsychologists usually enjoy a great salary for their field of activity, some US states pay them more while others pay them less. Taking Arizona as an example, this state pays its neuropsychologists a mean yearly salary of around $101,000, whil,e the states of California, New Hampshire, Connecticut and the District of Columbia all pay their specialists salaries that are above $90,000 a year.

Neuropsychologist Job Description

Neuropsychologists specialize in cognitive psychology as well as in clinical psychology, and they can choose to either teach or to work in their private offices. Simply put, there are three main subfields of neuropsychology: paediatric, clinical as well as experimental, and the job duties and responsibilities of the neuropsychologist vary greatly depending upon the chosen subfield.

Generally speaking, the daily duties of these professionals include assessing people who have suffered a stroke and helping them recover, providing their expertise during court trials as well as recommending or performing various neurocognitive tests, including brain scans. The bottom line is that the duty of the neuropsychologist is to conduct research and to determine whether there is a connection between the brain and the behavior of the individual.

As mentioned above, neuropsychologists can choose to activate in a variety of different settings, from mental health facilities, hospitals and medical clinics to colleges, universities, research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies as well as private clinics.

How To Become A Neuropsychologist?

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neuropsychologistIf you are passionate about neurology and psychology and you want to make the best out of these two fields, then becoming a neuropsychologist may truly be the first choice. The first step that you need to take is understanding what this job involves, and that is observing people and studying the human behavior very closely. These professionals work in scientific research services, private practices, secondary institutions as well as hospitals.

Preparing for a neuropsychologist career is very important, as it will determine your success in the field. You need to complete a Bachelor’s Program in either premedicine or psychology, and such a degree program typically takes up to four years to complete. During the training, you will have to complete an internship and you will need to take a combination of different core classes. Moreover, you will also need to pass several standardized tests and you will also need to look for different graduate schools to which you can apply. It is also important to obtain as many letters of recommendation as you can, as they will increase your chances of getting accepted into the school.

A Master’s Degree in psychology is yet another aspect of utmost importance for every future neuropsychologist, especially as they need to take various courses in the field and to complete a thesis. After that, you will need to work under the close supervision of a skilled, trained and certified neuropsychologist who will help you gain the set of skills that you will need later on.

Some of the neuropsychologists take their career to the next level and they graduate with a Doctor of Psychology Degree, which significantly increases their job opportunities. However, gaining such a degree typically takes around five years of study along with in-depth clinical experience training and counseling patients.


A certification is paramount for most neuropsychologists who choose to make the best out of their careers, although the requirements for earning the certification are usually very harsh. First and foremost, one of the most important eligibility criteria that you need to have in mind is gaining the doctoral degree in psychology, which is provided by an accredited university training program.

In order to get the certification, the neuropsychologist also needs to have an internship in the chosen subspecialty, along with two full years of clinical experience and specialized training in the field. A license issued by the state where the neuropsychologist lives is yet aother important aspect.

The board certification is designed to acknowledge the competence of the neuropsychologist, and the final step in order to get the certification is passing a rigorous exam that combines reviewing the credentials and the training requirements, a written evaluation, an oral examination as well as an evaluation of the sample work.

There are three different review and certifying bodies in the field of neuropsychology, and those are the ABCN (the American Board off Clinical Neuropsychology), the ABPDN (the American Board of Paediatric Neuropsychology) as well as the ABPN, which is the American Board of Professional Neuropsychology.

Neuropsychologist Salary In Canada, Australia And The United Kingdom

The average yearly salary of these professionals vary a lot. In Canada, for instance, a neuropsychologist should expect to earn around C$67,000 a year, while a neuropsychologist who resides in the United Kingdom should expect a mean yearly wage between 70,000 and 96,000 pounds. Last, but not least, those who reside and work in Australia usually earn around Au$75,000.

Verdict On Neuropsychologist Salary

To conclude, these professionals receive a very encouraging salary regardless of where they work, although the work setting does have an impact. Becoming a certified neuropsychologist can take up to seven years of hard work, training and study, but the final result is certainly worth it as this is one of the best paid fields of psychology, at the moment.