Anesthesia Technician Schools

Anesthesia Technician Schools

A career as an anesthesia technician is an entry level in the medical field. Anesthesia technicians work in hospitals and clinical settings providing assistance where anesthesia is used for surgeries. Finding the best anesthesia technician schools can be challenging, however, the best and fastest way for searches would be through the internet whereby informative detailed listings are available. A request for more information can be placed and a package with details can be sent to one’s place of residence.

Some of the top accredited anesthesia technician schools include the following:

  • University of California (San Francisco)
  • University of Washington
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
  • Medical College of Wisconsin
  • University of Texas Health Science Center
  • Sanford-Brown College

According to the American Society of Anesthesiologists a student may hold a high school diploma and complete a specialized training course known as the Certified Anesthesia Technician Training. An associate degree may be required and formal certification through the anesthesia technician training program. It all depends on the institution or employer that is hiring.


Students in this program learn to identify and manage equipment used to connect and administer anesthesia during any surgical procedures. They will learn terminology, uses, and proper care of specific medications and medical equipment. Students also learn how to work around an operation room setting.


Legal requirements for technician training do vary between states. Some states have specific courses that they require technicians to complete, while others accept a variety of certification programs as long as the technician provides proof of training. The Certified Anesthesia Technician (Cer.A.T.) is a technician who has successfully completed the examination requirements.


The length of a training program varies depending on the employer or institution, and or whether students participate in full-time or part-time programs. It would be to an advantage if the student has worked within the field in the past i.e. as a part-time job or volunteer work.

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The associate degree completion usually takes 2 years if an individual was attending full time. Taking partial courses off and on will take much longer.

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The completion of an associate’s degree program in anesthesia technology from The American Society of Anesthesia Technologist and Technicians ASATT-approved program prepares the student to take the ASATT examination for anesthesia technicians. After completing 30 credits and maintaining a good standing as a certified anesthesia technician, ASATT offers an anesthesia technologist examination, which results in the Certified Anesthesia Technician and Technologist (Cer.A.T.T.) designation. This would be the final level of certification.

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