Cardiovascular Technician Salary

The current average annual cardiovascular technician salary in U.S.A is $53,000. This salary is calculated from different parts of the United States and the total of these salaries is subdivided by the total number of regions considered. So, there are regions where cardiovascular technicians earns more than this average while there are others from different regions who earns less than this. The disparities between the various regions considered is because there are certain regions where there are various additional benefits such as transport, housing and medical amongst others. The other reason why there are some who earn more or less than this average amount is because some are more experienced than others and hence those that are more experienced are also paid more. Cardiovascular technicians of both sexes were considered to get more accurate results.

Pay scale in different parts of the US

In Nevada, the average cardiovascular technician salary is $43,000 which is lower than the national average salary. In Colorado the annual average salary of these technicians is $47,000 which is twelve percent lower than what is offered nationally for the same job. In New Mexico the average annual salary is $47,000 which shows that it is equal to the one paid in Colorado. In Alaska the average annual salary is $41,000 which shows that the state pays lower than most of the other states. In Washington D.C. the average annual cardiovascular technician salary is $65,000. These disparities between regions are primarily brought about by the fact that there are cardiovascular technicians who earn more than others especially going by experience and benefits.

Job Description of Cardiovascular Technician

Cardiovascular technicians usually work under the supervision of cardiologists where they help in diagnostic of heart and peripheral vascular disorders. They are primarily trained to assist the cardiologists with particular types of tests such as EKG or stress test. The EKG machines are primarily used to trace the electrical impulses which are usually transmitted by the heart. The technicians usually connects electrodes from the EKG machines to various parts of the patients body such legs, chest or arms. They then operate these machines, record the readings and then give these readings to a cardiologist to interpret. The technicians also monitor the patient’s heart conditions using portable devices called holter monitors. These monitors are usually wearable and the electrodes from them are usually placed on patients’ chest after which the portable monitors are attached to the patients’ belts. The patients are then allowed to go on with their daily routines as the monitor record details about the patients’ hearts. After the period stipulated for monitoring, the technicians then remove the monitors and record the details which are then analyzed by a cardiologist. Cardiovascular technicians can also perform stress tests where they connect patients to the EKG machines. The patients are then requested to walk on treadmills as the technicians take the readings which are then interpreted by experts. The technicians also prepare patients for testing, explain the procedures to patients and also monitor the equipments to ensure that they are functioning properly.

How to become a Cardiovascular Technician

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Becoming a cardiovascular technician requires one to have both academic and general qualifications. One of the general qualifications include that one needs to have a passion for this job since it may involve dealing with terminally ill patients. One should also be physically fit since the job might involve standing for long hours or lifting the patients physically. Furthermore, it is paramount to have good hearing, good eye sights and also have good communication skills to explain detail both to the patients and to the cardiologists. Academically one is required to a have a school diploma so as to attend a training program. The minimum requirement for one to get an entry job as a cardiovascular technician is an associate degree program even though degree programs are also available. The training for an associate degree program entails attending a whole year of class room study and another year of getting specialized instructions.


Certification as a cardiovascular technician is usually voluntary but most employers insist on employing people who are certified. To get certified one is required to do the Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI) exams. These exams are invasive registry exam, non invasive echocardiography exam and vascular exam. Each of these three exams contains one hundred and eighty to two hundred questions and each exam takes a maximum of one hundred and ninety five minutes. After passing these exams and being certified, one might require continuing with education so as to maintain the certification.

Cardiovascular Technician Salary in Canada, Australia and UK

The average cardiovascular technician salary in Canada and Australia is $53, 000 which is equal to the average salary in U.S.A. However in U.K the average annual salary is slightly higher where it is $54, 100. This shows a disparity of about one thousand and one hundred U.S.A dollars which shows that in U.K cardiovascular technicians are paid slightly better. However, this disparity can be attributed to that there are many technicians in U.K who earn slightly higher salaries mainly because they are more experienced. As a result, the average annual salary in the entire U.K becomes slightly higher than in the other nations even though entry jobs in all these countries considered are paid almost similar salaries.


It is evident that being a cardiovascular technician is a well paying job regardless of whether one works in U.S.A, Canada, U.K or Australia. The slight difference in average salaries cannot be said to be too big to influence a person to move from one location to the other in pursuit of a better pay. It is also evident that a beginner will definitely earn a lower pay compared to an experienced technician even if the two of them are working in the same place. This is because an experienced person might have been promoted in the course of their working careers and more so their experience makes them more valuable than beginners. The cardiovascular technician salary is also better than those of other people working in almost the same class of jobs and hence these technicians can rightfully be termed as some of the well earning people. One of the reasons why they are paid well is because of the sensitivity of their work where they deal with patients with delicate conditions. Furthermore, they are highly motivated in their work since they know there are chances and opportunities of being promoted consequently earning even higher salaries. Hence, cardiovascular technicians are paid well regardless of the location where they work from.