Cytotechnologist Salary

Cytotechnologist Salary

Cytotechnologist Salary In The US

The median yearly salary for a cytotechnologist in the United States of America is of around $67,000, based on data surveys collected by HR as of March 2014.

Pay Scale In Different Parts Of The US

In spite of the fact that the pay scale of cytotechnologists can vary greatly from one US state to another one (and the variation depends a lot on the training and experience of the professional as well), these professionals typically earn between $40,000 and $60,000 a year. California is the state where cytotechnologists are paid the highest, with an average of more than $73,000 a year.

Job Description Of Cytotechnologists

Cytotechnologists are skilled and train professionals that examine the human body cells to detect any abnormalities that may raise suspicion from cancer. Many cytotechnologists draw blood samples from their patients by venipuncture, then they centrifuge the blood specimens to separate the cells from the blood serum and after that they closely analyze the calls under the microscope. If they identify unusual cell structures, they report the analysis of the slides to the pathologist.

It is their duty to document all the cell samples, to stain and to mount them and then to carefully analyze them to detect any abnormal change in the color, shape or size of the cells. Unusual cell patterns are typically reviewed and then sent over to the pathologists for further examinations. In some cases, they might assist in the preparation of the pathology reports. In order to work as a cytotechnologist, one requires a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree.

How To Become A Cytotechnologist?

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CytologyBecoming a cytotechnologist is not easy, as this involves some academic prerequisites that depend from one state to another. However, all cytotechnologists must have a baccalaureate degree and some knowledge in math, chemistry and biology. These professionals need to find a certified cytotechnologist course that they can attend in order to complete their education. These courses typically last for 12 to 24 months and throughout the length of the course, students will study different scientific methods, cytologic procedures, screening and testing procedures, chemistry and a variety of other important subjects. 

At the end of the course, they will need to get their accreditation test provided by the ASCP after enrolling in the certification exam. Although this exam is not always required by the course itself, it does increase your chances of getting employed later on. The final step is finding a job in cytotechnology, be it in a hospital or in a private practice.


Getting your certification as a cytotechnologist is not complicated, but in the United States there are two important steps you need to take to become certified: firstly, you need to attend an accredited cytotechnology program for at least one year, and then take the certification examination that is offered by the American Society for Clinical Pathology. Although the regulations can vary greatly from one US state to another, most employers require cytotechnologists to be certified by the American Society for Clinical Pathology, or simply ASCP. This organization offers national certification and testing that will help you achieve the status of Certified Cytotechnologyst, or CT.

Cytotechnologist Salary In UK, Canada And Australia

Cytotechnologists are paid differently across countries, and taking the United Kingdom as an example, cytotechnologists or clinical/medical lab technicians earn an average yearly salary between 12,000 and 24,000 pounds, according to payScale. On the other hand, the salary of cytotechnologists in Australia varies anywhere between AU $40,000 and AU $70,000, while Canada pays these professionals with a median yearly wage between C$45,000 and C$68,000.

Verdict On Cytotechnologist Salary

If you are passionate about cytotechnology and you want to work in the medical field where you will be constantly inspecting blood, cell and tissue samples under the microscope to detect abnormal changes, then becoming a trained and certified cytotechnologist is certainly the best way to go. The salary is usually satisfactory, provided that you live in California or any other state that pays its cytotechnologist a lot more than the national yearly average. However, Canada and Australia also offers a very stimulating remuneration, and the job outlook is excellent as well. The medical industry is always in great need of skilled, trained and highly experienced cytotechnologists that can detect different types of cancers while they are still in incipient stage.