Dietetic Technician Salary

Dietetic Technician Salary

Dietetic Technician Salary In The US

Dietetic technicians are professionals who usually work closely with dieticians and other diet specialists to create basic and advanced nutrition plans and individualized menu plans for their patients. These professionals also deal with calculating calorie counts and they can also assist in research regarding the quality of food. The average yearly salary for a dietetic technician in the United States of America is of $35,000, although this depends a lot on whether the dietetic technician is registered with ADA/CDA and whether he has enough experience in the field.

Pay Scale In Different Parts Of The United States

Dietetic technicians receive different salaries across the United States of America. For instance, the state of Minnesota pays its dietetic technicians an average of $37,000 a year, while those who reside and work in the state of Maryland have a mean annual salary of $37,000. On the other hand, dietetic technicians who work in Ohio and Connecticut earn around $37,000 a year, while those from the states of New York, Alaska and Rhode Island receive highly motivating average salaries as well. These are the top 7 states where dietetic technicians have the highest average income.

Dietetic Technicians Job Description

Dietetic technicians are professionals who usually promote healthy eating habits during counseling sessions. These counseling sessions can be either group sessions, where the dietetic technician instructs a group of patients, or individual one on one session. Generally speaking, these professionals offer useful advice on how families and other people can prepare healthy food, and they also provide customized nutritional plans for those who live or work in community health agencies, private practices, nursing homes as well as hospitals.

The dietetic technician has a series of different job duties and responsibilities, from ordering food and supplies to preparing the meals of the patients, offering directional nutritional therapy as well as managing the patient’s food intake. These professionals also develop, recommend and even implement nutrition programs based on the individual needs and requirements of each person, and they even make all the necessary dietary modifications and restrictions in order to promote patient health.

These professionals must be registered with the American Dietetic Association and they must complete a two year Associate’s Degree program and take continuing education courses at the same time. Those who are credentialed as registered dietetic technicians usually work in home health care programs, research facilities, hospitals, nursing home or clinics, where they help treating and preventing the onset of various diseases that can be caused by food or improper nutrition.

These professionals can also offer their expertise in schools, correctional facilities, corporations, health care facilities as well as restaurants, where they deal with preparing budgets within the food service operations, managing employees and so on. On the other hand, dietetic technicians are commonly hired by health clubs, wellness centers as well as by weight management clinics and practices for helping to educate clients and patients about the connection between food, health and fitness.

How To Become A Dietetic Technician

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    female dietitianIf you have decided to become a registered dietetic technician, more commonly known as a DTR, then you should know that these professionals are highly trained in the field of nutrition and they are an important part of both food service management teams and health care teams. In order to become a registered dietetic technician, one must meet different eligibility criteria and they must also earn their DTR credential.

    The first and most important criteria is completing a dietetic technician program that is often administered or offered by either the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics or by the Accreditation Council for Education in Dietetics and Nutrition. These programs typically involve over 400 hours of supervised practice experience in various health care facilities and community programs, and at the end of the training session all the students must pass a national examination that is administered by the CDR, or the Commission on Dietetic Registration. Afterwards, it is important for all the dietetic technicians to complete continuing professional educational requirements in order to maintain their registration active.

    If you have enrolled in a college training program, then you should know that the course work for dietetic technicians typically include classes in nutrition science, food service systems management, general courses science as well as in-depth classes in food. Once you get your degree and your certification, you can work either independently in your own private practice or you can be part of the team member and work under the close supervision of registered dietitians across different employment settings, from food service and research to health care and business environments.


    When it comes to the certification options available for dietetic technicians, it must be mentioned that these professionals must firstly complete an accredited degree program that is especially designed for dietetic technicians, and then sit for the examination that is administered by the American Dietetic Association Commission on Dietetic Registration. Once they have passed this exam, they are officially registered as dietetic technicians. The licensure and certification requirements for those who aspire to work in this industry vary greatly from one US state to another. 

    Dietetic Technician Salary In Canada, UK And Australia

    Dietetic technicians who work in the United Kingdom, Canada or Australia should know that their mean yearly averages are somewhat similar to those who work in the United States. That being said, an Australian dietetic technician has a mean yearly salary of around AU$55,000, while one who works in Canada earns approximately C$47,000. On the other hand, a registered dietetic technician who works in the United Kingdom should expect to earn around 27,000 pounds on a yearly basis.

    Conclusion On Dietetic Technician Salary

    To conclude, dietetic technicians are very appreciated these days, both in the health care and in the fitness and weight management industries. They are not amongst the highest paid professionals in their fields of activity, but they can work independently and earn higher salaries especially if they own a Master’s Degree and they are passionate about teaching people the importance of good nutrition for a healthy life.

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