EKG Technician Salary

EKG Technician Salary

The amount of an EKG technician salary depends on many different factors. Some factors that affect how much money they make include where they work, level of experience on the job, geographic location and sex of the employee. The salary also varies with level of training or education.

In general, the median national salary of an EKG technician is reported to be around $34,000. The lowest 10th percentile earns about $26,000 and the highest 10th percentile about $43,000 per year. For the middle 50% of the workforce, they earn between $30,000 and $39,000 per year.

An EKG tech working for individual establishments have some of the highest salary in the profession. They earn an average of about $36,000 per year. Those employed by private physician establishments are also well paid. They command an average yearly salary of about $34,000. Those working in hospitals have some of the lowest EKG technician salary. They average about $32,000 per year.

Just like most professions, the number of years of experience can influence the salary of an EKG technician. A salary comparison company conducted a survey and made the following findings. Those just starting as an EKG technician have a median salary of about $29,500 per year. Those with about 5 years work experience have an average annual salary of about $35,500. For those with 20+ years of experience have an average salary of about $41,000.

Surprisingly, the survey also showed that the sex of the technician also had an effect on how much they make. It is one of few careers where females earn a higher salary than their male counterparts. According to the survey, female EKG technicians earned an average salary of $32,500 per year and their male counterparts earned around $28,500 on average per year.

Geographical location also have an impact on how much an EKG technician earned. Those working in California reported an average income of about $46,000 per annum. Those in New York reported an average annual income of about $41,500. The state of Virginia reported the lowest salary with EKG techs earning an average of $26,000 per year.

Job description of an EKG technician

What does an EKG tech does? An EKG technician (also known as an electrocardiogram technician) basically operates a hospital equipment known as an electrocardiogram. This machines is attached to a patient via rods known as electrodes. They attach this electrodes to read a patient’s heart rhythm and other heart activities. This information is then printed out by the technician and passed on to the physician for analysis and diagnosis. The EKG tech usually works in hospitals and clinics as part of a medical team treating a patient. They continually monitor a patient’s heart activities and send the results to physicians.

How to become an EKG technician

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ekg_You will first need to complete high school and earn your high school diploma. You should then enroll into an EKG technician course in a vocational healthcare institution. Apply for and earn your National Certification Career Association (NCCA) certification to become and certified EKG technician.

For better career prospects and better pay, you should consider pursuing an associate’s degree in cardiovascular technology. You will generally find such a program in a community college. Use the tools we have on this site to find a school that offers such a program.

For a more advanced career and highest pay, you can opt for a bachelor degree. You should concentrate on advanced pulmonary pathophysiology, patient assessment, pulmonary diagnostic testing and cardiac electrophysiology.

Verdict on EKG technician salary

An EKG salary is not a high pay type and you will not become rich as an EKG tech. However it is also not a career that requires a long and difficult education. Most EKG technicians learn the profession on the job. It is a growing profession and the job outlook is very bright.

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