Pharmacologist Salary

Pharmacologist Salary

It often happens that the notion of pharmacologist is mistaken for that of pharmacist, when actually these are two radically different positions. In a nutshell, the pharmacologist is the professional who studies the effects of medicines and drugs on the body. Generally speaking, the mean yearly salary of a pharmacologist hits a six-figure mark, and the salaries can vary anywhere between $76,000 and $146,000 in the United States of America, depending on the state where these professionals reside and work.

Pay Scale In Different Areas Of The United States of America

The highest paying state is currently the state of California, which rewards its pharmacologists with a mean yearly salary of over $117,000. The states of Alabama, Minnesota and Alasca, on the other hand, pay their pharmacologists salaries that range between $113,000 and $115,000, while the state of New Hampshire offers these health care professionals a median yearly salary of around $112,000.

Pharmacologist Job Description

These professionals investigate how medicines affect the biological systems, and they conduct extensive research in the laboratory, either on full animals or on animal tissues or cells. The reason why pharmacologists conduct this kind of research is because they want to predict the effects of different medicines and ingredients on the human body. These professionals aim to study drugs and their effects, in order to make them as safe and as effective as possible, and it often happens that their work is crucial for the development and improvement of some of the existing drugs.

The duties and responsibilities of these professionals vary a lot, as there are several different subfields of pharmacology. There is regulatory pharmacology, clinical pharmacology as well as neuropharmacology, each field having its own study subject. However, the team of pharmacologists aim to design, plan and conduct controlled experiments with the help of state of the art medical technology designed to measure and improve the findings.

These professionals also apply their findings to a variety of other fields, they draw up proposals for future tests and they also organize and supervise the testing of new products, medicines and drugs. It often happens that pharmacologists also deal with quality control and they have strong liaisons with the regulatory authorities, to make sure that the activities of the laboratory are fully compliant with the rules and regulations. The pharmacologist also plans and coordinates the duties of the technical staff and, in some cases, he might also deal with the training or the mentoring of the new pharmacologists who are just getting started in the field.

How To Become A Pharmacologist?

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pharmacologyThere are several different ways in which one can become a pharmacologist, and most of these professionals choose to enroll in a pharmacy school that will give them a high degree. These professionals are involved in the development and research of various medications and drugs, and they are not involved directly in the sales of medications. Most of these professionals choose to pursue a more advanced, PhD degree in the field of pharmacology, and throughout the training they will get a deeper insight into some of the most important fields of pharmacology, such as mathematics, biology, chemistry and such. Nowadays, increasingly more pharmacologists have started to understand the importance of pursuing a higher education, and they often possess both a PhD and a PharmD in the field.


One of the most important part of training as a pharmacologist is getting your certification, which is valid for a period of three years. After that, you will need to sit for the recertification. Most of the pharmacologists who work in the United States of America today choose to get a certification, given the fact that employers pay them an additional hourly rate. However, this can vary greatly from one employer to another.The certification exam consists of a multiple choice question-type test.

Pharmacologist Salary In Canada, Australia And The United Kingdom

Pharmacologists who work in the United Kingdom usually earn around 35,000 pounds a year, while those who live and work in Canada should expect to get a mean yearly wage of around C$55,000. At the same time, Australian pharmacologists usually make around Au$110,000 a year.

Verdict On Pharmacologist Salary

To conclude, pharmacologists usually have a six-figure salary and they are an important part of the health care industry, given the fact that they conduct essential research that is vital for improving the quality and effects of drugs on the human body.