Surgical Technician Salary

Surgical Technician Salary

Surgical technicians, most commonly known as scrub techs, surgical techs or even surgical technologists, are professionals who assist surgeons and other medical doctors in the operating room and work closely with registered scrub nurses. It is their duty to clean the surgical instruments, as well as to make sure that the entire work environment is safe and sterile before every surgical intervention. These professionals also handle scalpels and other instruments to the surgeons whenever required, and their median yearly salary revolves around the sum of $44,000 in the United States of America.

Pay Scale In Different Parts Of The United States of America

One of the most rewarding states for surgical technicians from a financial point of view is certainly California, where these professionals make around $58,000 a year. On the second place, there is the state of Hawaii which offers them around $55,000, followed by Nevada with just over $54,000 a year, Connecticut with approximately $54,000 as well as Alaska with little over $52,000.

Surgical Technician Job Description

These professionals are indispensable in the operating room, and they perform a variety of tasks here. Generally speaking, surgical techs work with nurses, surgeons and other techs, they keep an inventory of all the surgical instruments, they sterilize them carefully before each surgery and they also prepare the incision site by cleaning and sterilizing the area. These professionals also handle the instruments, they hold the retractors whenever required and, in some cases, they can even take specimens that will be send over to the laboratory for analysis.

It is the duty of the surgical technician to anticipate which surgical instruments will be required throughout the surgical intervention and to make sure that they are properly sterilized and in a place where the surgeon can easily reach them. These professionals can assist surgeons both during the easiest and the most difficult surgical interventions, even during cardiac surgeries. Also, they may have to transport the patient to the recovery room, they can shave and sterilize the incision points as well as keep an eye on the vital signs of the patient throughout the entire surgery.

Nowadays, surgical technologists can work in a variety of different settings, from outpatient clinics and field hospitals to physician offices, dentist offices as well as state hospitals. Some of them choose to work for the military or for the navy as well, and their salaries tend to be slightly higher given the fact that so are the risks associated with this position.

How To Become A Surgical Technologist?

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surgical technologistApproximately two thirds of all the surgical technologists and technicians work in the operating rooms of state owned hospitals. They work around 40 hours a week and in some cases, they may need to be present at work during the weekends or during the night, if they work in shifts or if there is an emergency surgery that requires their help.

One of the greatest aspects regarding modern surgical technologists is that they can easily pursue a career in the field by getting formal training in a surgical technologist program – these days, most vocational schools and community colleges in the United States of America offer such training programs, which can last anywhere from nine months to as much as two years. At the end of the training program, they will get an Associate’s Degree that will help them pursue a lucrative career in the field. Enrolling in such a program only takes a high school diploma or an equivalent. These training programs consist of different classes such as anatomy, pharmacology, medical ethics, medical terminology and physiology, where the students will learn the basics of surgical technology.


While certification is not as important as the license, some of the US states to require their surgical techs to get certified. There are several different certification bodies that offer such credential, like the National Center for Competency Testing or the National Health Care Association. Having graduated from a specialized training program and having an Associate’s Degree in the field are the basic eligibility requirements.

Surgical Technician Salary In Canada, Australia And The UK

In Canada, surgical techs get around CAD$38,000, in Australia they make around Au$61,000 while in the United Kingdom they make around 45,000 pounds a year.

Verdict On Surgical Technician Salary

The salary of a surgical tech is more than rewarding, and it grows exponentially with the number of credentials and the expertise of the medical professional, in this line of work.