X-ray Technologist Salary

X-ray Technologist Salary

Working as an x-ray technologist is one of the most promising careers people are currently opting for. Would you like to become one? Is it your long term dream? There is no denying that every person out there considers the salary income in choosing the best field to work in. Other factors like passion and academic capabilities can come in but what plays a larger part is the capacity of handling your financial needs. Experts in this field are sometimes termed as radiology technicians. For you to become one, undergoing training for two years is a vital requirement. With the continuing innovations in technology, the employment rate in this field is believed to rise up to 23% by the year 2020. One needs to understand the salary earned by colleagues in the industry to make sure that he/she is not underpaid by bosses. It is thus important to look at it in details.

The salary

On average, an x-ray technician earns an annual salary of $50,000 in USA. If you do some calculations, it will be clear that it simply represents $25 dollars per hour. Seniors and most experienced ones in the field take home more than $60,000n per year. If you have just graduated, the least amount you may earn is about $40,000. However, this may highly vary depending on your ability. This may include pensions, social security, the health care benefits and even 401ks. Generally, when these are added to the initial salary, it may give an average amount of around $72,000 annually.

Factors that determine the amount earned

x ray technicianA person with these skills can work in different institutions like hospitals, special treatment areas and even private health facilities. This differentiates what experts earn in this field. Furthermore, the number of hours worked also determines the amount of pay one receives. Due to the nature of the job, one may easily find himself/herself working at night for emergency cases. If you work overtime, it will directly reflect on your salary. Another factor is experience. For how long have you been in the industry? The more you stay in the industry the higher you earn. Lastly, your training qualifications will largely determine the amount of cash you take home. Degree, associate degree and certificate holders earn differently. But how does the profession look like.

X-ray technologist job description

Experts in this field work with imaging machines which work on the basis of radiation to help identify internal body conditions. Here are some of the tasks you should expect to meet in this profession:

  • Operating x-ray machines to help identify internal health conditions as wanted by a physical radiologist.
  • Getting patients ready for different procedures. This may include dressing them properly, talking to them and positioning them perfectly for observation by the physical radiologist.
  • Interpreting instructions written in order to identify the exact parts on which to perform an x-ray.
  • Maintaining lab equipments and ensuring sufficient supplies of films and other chemicals.
  • Most experienced ones can perform complex imaging procedures when instructed by their seniors.

X-ray technologist salaries in different states

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Perhaps you want to know which some of the high paying states for you to run to. It is a common thing for experts to move looking for greener pastures. This makes most radiology technician to move from high paying institution to the next. One common thing about them is that it ranges from $70,000 to $40,000. Let’s look at some of the high paying states in the United States. The highest earning technologists currently are from Massachusetts with an average annual salary of $69,000, then follows Nevada paying an average annual amount of $66,000, Maryland $65,000 and Hawaii at approximately $63,000. The lowest paying states include Puerto Rico, Guam, West Virginia and Arkansas with an average annual salary of $30,000, $33,000,$41,000 and $44,380 respectively. You can check out on what your states pay on www.indeed.com or www.recruiter.com.

Conclusion on x-ray technologist salaries

This profession has more to offer for aspiring candidates out there. One only needs to spend a maximum of two years if enrolling for a degree program, get the required skills and enter the job market. The scope of jobs in this field is wide and one can be rest assured of landing a job. However, you should honestly understand that initial income may be lower than expected. A little patience to gain experience in the field will soon get you the right paying employer. Find out more about your state and you will be well placed on making a decision on where to work comfortably.