Therapist Salary

Therapist Salary

Physical therapists are trained health care professionals who help patients who either suffer from massive injuries or trauma, or who have chronic medical conditions that just require urgent medical attention. It is the duty of the physical therapist to make the pain as manageable as possible, and to help patients regain their physical mobility. These professionals work with people of all kinds, from those who suffered from fractures, amputations and birth injuries to people who have arthritis, back injuries as well as sprains. It is the duty of the physical therapist to come up with a treatment plan and then to keep an eye on the progress of the patient. The median yearly salary of a physical therapist in the USA is of $81,000 a year.

Physical Therapist Salary In Different Parts Of The USA

In Nevada, physical therapists make around $115,00 a year, while those from Alaska and the state of New Jersey make around $95,000 a year. At the same time, physical therapists who live and work in California and Texas should expect to get anything between $90,000 and as much as $95,000 a year.

Physical Therapist Job Description

The primary duty of the physical therapist is to restore the function of the patient, to prevent and treat the already existing disabilities and to alleviate pain and improve flexibility at the same time. Moreover, physical therapists work closely with physicians, surgeons and doctors, and another notable duty of the therapist is to plan and to medically administer all the prescribed medications and therapies.

These professionals must assess the overall health status of the patient and then interpret all the tests results. Moreover, it is the duty of the physical therapist to help the patient accept the therapeutic devices, to perform different manual exercises and to assist the patient with the daily living activities. In some cases, physical therapists may also need to administer massages, use whirlpool baths, ultraviolet and infrared lamps to alleviate the pain, use ultrasound machines and such. The physical therapist must also be familiar with several administrative notions, and they must understand how important patient confidentiality is and why they must struggle to keep the information confidential. These professionals also handle department records and keep track of every single procedure or technique that has been applied to the patient.

Physical therapists work closely with nurses, social workers and physicians and they often take place in conferences where they do their best to stay up to date with the latest medical discoveries. The physical therapist never discharges a patient without consulting with all the other members of the health care team first, and it is also the responsibility of the therapist to carefully evaluate all the effects of the physical therapy treatments and to make sure that the orthotic and the prosthetic devices fit perfectly. In some cases, the therapist may be responsible for making different adjustments or recommendations.

How To Become A Therapist?

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physical therapyRegardless if you want to become a marriage therapist, a sex therapist or a physical therapist, it is important to firstly complete your undergraduate studies and to have either a high school diploma or a GED that will allow you to enroll in a program of higher education. The Bachelor’s Degree plays a crucial role in the life and career of every therapist, and some of these professionals choose to make the best out of their professions by enrolling in an advanced doctoral program. For instance, the physical therapists who enroll in a doctoral program will study different courses in the future, from psychology and chemistry to physics and anatomy or physiology.

The graduate degree is the one-way ticket to success for every modern physical therapist, and a Master’s Degree program can take up to 36 months to complete, while the Doctoral Degree programs only take 36 months. The training will cover different topics, from medical screening and prosthetics to orthotics and diagnostics.

The license and the residency program are both equally important, and all the physical therapists who want to practice in the United States of America must have at least 1,000 hours of documented clinical physical therapy hours.


Even if they are licensed, some of the physical therapists choose to become certified by the ABPTS, which is an accredited certification institution that currently offers credentials in different areas of physical therapy, from geriatrics and orthopaedics to women’s health, sports and paediatrics.

Therapist Salary In Canada, Uk And Australia

In Canada, a therapist makes around $CAD60,000, in Australia around Au$61,000 while in the United Kingdom these professionals should expect a median yearly wage between 20,000 and 40,000 pounds.

Verdict On Therapist Salary

The salary of a therapist is certainly rewarding, and the certification can increase your income opportunities even more.