Funeral Director Salary

Funeral Director Salary

Funeral directors are amongst the best paid professionals in the industry, but in order to become one, you must firstly gain all the necessary credentials and licenses. That requires an Associate’s Degree provided by an accredited mortuary sciences program, coupled with a thorough apprenticeship training and a license. Nevertheless, the median yearly wage of a funeral director in the United States of America is of around $52,000, although some of them can make twice that sum if they have their own private business and they make the best out of it.

Pay Scale In Different Parts Of The United States of America

The highest paying state at the moment is undoubtedly New York, where the median wage for funeral directors is of around $83,000, while the second highest paying state is New Jersey with just under $80,000 a year. Connecticut also pays its funeral directors a very satisfactory yearly wage that significantly exceeds the national average, as these professionals get more than $77,000 here. Minnesota and the state of Massachusetts also pay their funeral directors yearly salaries of over $70,000.

Funeral Director Job Description

The director of the funeral home is responsible for the efficacy and the professionalism of all the activities that take place within the funeral home. The director supervises everything from arranging the flowers to transporting the corpses and preparing the burial services. In addition to this, it is also the duty of the funeral director to receive people and lead them to their seats for the funeral service, to maintain the financial records and to order the stock supplies, to place the caskets at the indicated funeral sites and to arrange the floral displays.

Funeral directors are also responsible for planning and coordinating the cremations, burials and funerals, and for getting all the necessary, accurate information for completing all the legal documents and death certificates. Overall, funeral directors are responsible for managing all the funeral home operations and for contacting the cemeteries.

In some cases, they may even perform embalming duties if required, and to ship the bodies if the burial services take place outside the country. The funeral director must also supervise the caskets and to make sure that they are properly closed and, in some cases, the director may also need to comfort the friends and family of the deceased, as well as to offer them the comfort and grief counseling they so much need during this unfortunate event.

How To Become A Funeral Director?

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funeral directorBecoming a funeral director does take a lot of theoretical and practical training in the field, as you will need to work closely with all the friends and relatives of those who have departed this world. It is essential for the funeral director to make sure that the entire burial service goes according to plan, and that every aspect is planned in detail.

You will need to get a degree in what is known as mortuary science, and the training program can last anywhere from 24 months to 48 months. The coursework will encompass courses like financial record keeping, anatomy, the basics of embalming or physiology.

The license is crucial for every funeral director who wants to work legally in the USA, as all the states require these professionals to have a valid and up to date license. After getting the license, it is very important to get hands-on experience for a couple of years in funeral service apprenticeship, under the close supervision of a skilled and licensed professional.

Licensure Requirements For Funeral Directors In The United States of America

Funeral directors, just like any other professionals who want to operate in this field, should know that the only national certification program that specializes in high-quality funeral planning is the CPC program by NFDA. The program has been created more than 15 years ago, and its purpose is to provide true professionals with the necessary credentials that they need. Through this certification, the NFDA guarantees that the certified funeral director has met all the eligibility requirements and that he is highly trained, competent and skilled to work as a funeral director.

Funeral Director Salary In Canada, Australia And The UK

In Canada, the median wage for a funeral director is of around CAD$41,000, in the United Kingdom of around 20,000 pounds while in Australia it is of around Au$44,000 a year.

Verdict On Funeral Director Salary

To conclude, becoming a funeral director takes a lot of motivation, determination and strength, as not everybody can cope with the stress associated with funerals and burial services. Given the fact that the median yearly salary of a funeral director can reach six figures, it is safe to say that these professionals are paid very well in the US.

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