Retail Pharmacist Salary

Retail Pharmacist Salary

Working as a retail pharmacist in the United States of America takes at least two years of general study, along with four years of specialized study in the field of pharmacy. This is a highly technical and specialized field of work, where the retail pharmacist must possess a great attention to detail along with good communication and interpersonal skills in order to handle the pharmacy staff. It is a very rewarding career and the basic tasks involve data entry, review the drug use, handling the different calls from physicians as well as transferring the prescriptions. That being said, the median yearly salary of a retail pharmacist in the United States of America revolves around the sum of $115,000, although this can vary greatly.

Pay Scale In Different Parts Of The United States of America

The highest paying state for retail pharmacists at the moment is certainly California, where these professionals should expect to get more than $160,000 a year, followed by the state of Michigan with just under $140,000, both states paying them median salaries that are above the national average. At the opposite end, there are the states of Iowa and West Virginia where retail pharmacists get little over $100,000, followed by the states of Tennessee and Florida with around $105,000 a year.

Retail Pharmacist Job Description

Retail pharmacists work closely with pharmacist aids and they perform basic pharmacy-related tasks, such as recruiting the new staff, processing medical prescriptions, dispensing the different types of medication, providing medical advice and advice on how to take the medications, they deal with all the financial and the statistical records of the pharmacy, the meet with the medical representatives, they manage the budgets of the pharmacy and so on. In some cases, these professionals may also need to deal with marketing services as well.

Nowadays, retail pharmacists can be found in pharmacy chains, independent pharmacies or the larger pharmacies found in supermarkets. Becoming a pharmacist takes a lot more than just a couple formal degrees, as these professionals need to be responsible and mature, they need to be commercially aware and have good organizational and communication skills, they must be responsible and have great interpersonal skills and they must also be very self-confident at the same time.

How To Become A Retail Pharmacist?

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pharmacistBecoming a retail pharmacist involves fulfilling the prerequisite requirements, first and foremost. Without completing all the undergraduate coursework, you cannot possibly qualify for higher education. You will need to complete around 24 months of undergraduate coursework in physiology, biology, chemistry and other similar fields of activity, and only after that you can enroll in a Doctor of Pharmacy training program.

The Pharm.D. Degree plays a crucial role for your success as a retail pharmacist, given the fact that filling this position does require you to complete an advanced degree program. Generally speaking, these programs take around four years to complete although you can finish most of them in 36 months, if you want to. The training will consist of both laboratory work and classroom lectures, where you will learn everything you need to know about medication dispensing and about drug therapy. Throughout the length of the training program, you will also need to take part in APPEs, or what is known as Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences. These experiences usually last between 12 and 24 months.

Licensure And Certification

If you want to work as a retail pharmacist in the United States of America, it is extremely important to get your licensed from the state where you wish to practice pharmacy. The licensure requirements may vary slightly, but all states will require you to have at least a Pharm.D degree provided by an accredited university. Only after that you can sit for the NAPLEX exam (which is the pharmacist licensure exam) and test your skills and knowledge in pharmacy and pharmaceutical law.

Retail Pharmacist Salary In Canada, Australia And The UK

In Canada, a retail pharmacist should expect to make around CAD$45/hour, in Australia their median yearly wage varies between Au$52,000 and Au$85,000 while in the United Kingdom these professionals usually make around 35,000 pounds.

Verdict On Retail Pharmacist Salary

To conclude, the median yearly salary of a retail pharmacist commonly consists of a six figure income throughout all the states of the United States of America, which means that pursuing a career in the field can turn out to be highly rewarding!

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