Brain Surgeon Salary

Brain Surgeon Salary

Brain surgeons, otherwise referred to as neurosurgeons, are some of the highest paid professionals not only in the medical field, but also across other jobs that are to be had in diverse professional endeavors. This can largely be attributed to the extremely high level of expertise and thorough academic background these jobs necessitate.

Brain surgeon salary

Taking a case study of the United States of America alone, an average brain surgeon’s salary falls around a median annual compensation of approximately $331,724. This is significantly much more than what most other doctors (primarily those that specialize in primary healthcare) can ever aspire to earn, with the highest paid physician in such categories earning $202,392.

Naturally, like all competitive careers, there are plenty opportunities for a brain surgeon’s salary to exceed well above these mean estimates, taking into consideration their level of expertise, experience and even the location where they practice their profession. On the other hand, like most other medical careers they do exist neurosurgeons who work on a part-time basis. Which in most scenarios means filling in for other physicians that might have taken extended breaks (gone on vacation, or any other leave of absence).

These types of brain surgeons usually draw a significantly lesser salary than they full time colleagues, which usually fall well below the $100,000 mark each year. Let’s now take a much more specific review of the brain surgeon salary across some states in the United States Of America.

Pay scale in different parts of the US

A brain surgeon who operates in the state of Illinois can expect to take home a salary which lies in the range of $147,395 – $ 513,926 each year. The specific earning such professionals receive in this state like most others, largely depends on their skills, talent, reputation and more to the point the experience they might have accrued in their chosen career.

A Californian brain surgeon salary usually falls under the region of around $150,000 – $462,500 each year, which happens to be among the highest earnings which such professionals make throughout the US.

Neurosurgeons working in the confines of the state of Florida usually take home a salary that can fall around $180,000 – $499,986 annually, and like other regions the exact figure depends on their reputation, talent and experience. A brain surgeon salary in this state is only second to that which their colleagues in Illinois earn.

Brain surgeons working in the state of Washington earn a yearly salary that lies in the region of $152,108 – $442,813, and invariably their particular skill and experience is usually the mitigating factor into just how much they take home.

New York
Neurosurgeons from the State of New York can make a salary of around $193,916 – $439,514 each year.

A brain surgeon salary in the state of Texas normally lies between $150,000  and$499,514 annually.

Brain surgeon job description

Like earlier mentioned neurosurgery happens to be an extremely specialized medical field, and a brain surgeon’s primary professional obligation is to perform surgery on a patient’s brain, and other related organs in the body like the spinal cord, and other part, of the nervous system.

These tasks are obviously some of the most intricate in their entire medical field. A brain surgeon can also serve as an indispensable consultant when it comes to accessing the plight of patients that might be suspected to have brain tumors, conditions such as Alzheimer disease, strokes or degenerative spinal cord ailments or even traumatic brain injuries.

As would be expected a neurosurgeon operates in an extremely hectic environment. Their work in the majority of cases they undertake, can ultimately be the deciding factor on a patient’s survival and total recuperation. In respect to the fragile attributes of the parts of the body they work on, brain surgeons are obligated to spend many hours on end (some surgeries can last from 12 – 14 hours) on very extremely complex surgeries.

To this end these professionals are out of necessity required to possess a lot of perseverance, dexterity and excellent organization skills. Nevertheless, brain surgeons often work with a dedicated support team of anesthetics and nurses, which significantly makes their work infinitely easier.

Typically, most neurosurgeons work in hospitals, but they can also work in their own private practices, which usually means taking up work that are referred to them by other physicians. The latter kind of neurosurgeons often have admittance rights at local hospitals where they utilize such establishments theaters. One advantage of neurosurgeons who have private practices over their hospital-employed counterparts is that they have more control over their working schedules and patient intake. However, such professionals endeavors are constantly subject to uncertainty especially when it comes getting patients, as the services of brain surgeons are not often in great demand.

Apart from executing surgeries, a brain surgeon can also be involved in carrying out research work for the conditions they treat, and more so the treatment plans they execute. Many of them conduct in-depth trials in an attempt to discover better ways on treating tumors and alternative methods of tackling degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer disease or even multiple sclerosis.

How to become a brain surgeon

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brain surgeonsNeurosurgeons are categorized as some of the most highly skilled and academically qualified professionals among the medical sphere. They usually begin their training with a 4 year undergraduate training, where most major in biology or even chemistry. Before beginning another 4 year training course in medical school. This is quickly followed by an internship in a hospital that is part of their med school’s residency where they gain hands-on training. A 5 -7 years residency that specializes in neurosurgery is often the end of the education for anyone that wants to be a brain surgeon.

Brain surgeon salary in Canada, Australia and UK

Brain surgeon salary in Canada
Brain surgeons in Canada often earn from $155,000 – $250,000 (Canadian dollars) annually, which varies from province to province. The median salary such professionals earn in this country is $200,000.

Brain surgeon salaries in the UK
Neurosurgeons earn a median salary of 102,000 sterling pounds annually. With the entry salary beginning at around 64,000 sterling pounds.

Brain surgeons salaries in Australia
Brain surgeons in Australia earns from $81,000 – $ 210,000 year depending on their skills and experience. Additionally, they are also entitled to lucrative bonuses that can great increase their annual earnings.


Neurosurgery like earlier mentioned is a highly lucrative career, and there are many opportunities for advancements. Nevertheless, it can be very demanding and you might want to think twice before settling for it as your dream career. Salary statistics taken from