Family Practitioner Salary

Family Practitioner Salary

Family practitioners deal with maintaining the general health of the people. They are the first medical professionals we go to whenever we have a medical problem that is not urgent. That being said, family practitioners deal with a variety of different illnesses and disease: they can treat small injuries that are not life-threatening, they can administer vaccines and offer useful advice about nutrition, and they can also handle more serious conditions. They work with medical nurses, assistants and physicians, and the median yearly wage of a family practitioner in the United States of America is of around $136,000-$200,000.

Pay Scale In Different Parts Of The United States of America

Family practitioners tend to get the highest median yearly wages in the state of Arkansas, where they get around $206,000 a year, followed by the state of Wisconsin with just over $203,000. The third one on the list is Wyoming with around $195,000, Utah with just over $190,000 and the states of Massachusetts, Kansas and Georgia where these health care professionals get median wages of over $180,000 a year.

Family Practitioner Job Description

The duties of a family practitioner are many, but they often treat both non-dangerous and non-urgent matters and chronic, long-term conditions such as heart disease or diabetes. However, it often happens that family practitioners treat acute ailments like infections.

Family practitioners can work both in rural areas and in larger cities, and they often help families and children who need public health assistants, and most of them choose to specialize in treating only a certain part of the body or addressing a specific disease. Generally speaking, the duties and responsibilities of these professionals include treating different medical issues, providing coordinating medical services along with other health care providers and building mutually beneficial long-term relationships with their patients. It is also the duty of the family practitioner to inform the patients about the different illnesses and how to treat them, and to teach them how to take good care of their overall health.

How To Become A Family Practitioner?

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nurse practitionerWorking as a family practitioner is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding professions you can opt for in the entire medical field, mainly because you get the chance to form high-quality relationships with your patients. Overall, studying to become a family practitioner can take up to 11 years of training, and everything starts with a 4-year undergraduate pre-med degree. Throughout the four years of undergraduate training, you will get a deeper insight into microbiology, biochemistry and organic chemistry.

Once you have obtained your pre-med degree, it is important to move on and to get your second degree provided either by an osteopathic or by a medical college. This degree plays a crucial role in your future career as a family practitioner, as it will give you a deeper insight in all the different aspects of the medical field. As it happens with the med schools in general, the four years of training are split into two different parts: the first couple of years are dedicated to classroom teaching, while the last two are dedicated to the practical training.

Throughout the years of training, you will learn the basics of laws and ethical requirements for physicians, physiology and pharmacology and you will also gain in-depth experience in all the major fields of medicine. Only after you have gotten your med school degree you can move on to enrolling in a residency training program followed by a fellowship program. The residency program typically lasts for three years, and you will have the chance to enrich your general medical knowledge while improving your already existing set of skills.


The certification is provided by the American Board of Family Medicine, and if you manage to get it, you will officially become a board certified family practitioner.

Family Practitioner Salary In Canada, Australia And The United Kingdom

In Canada, the median yearly wage of these professionals is of around Cad$118,000, in Australia it typically ranges all the way from Au$150,000 to Au$350,000 while in the United Kingdom, a family practitioner is usually paid with an average of 33,00 pounds per hour.

Verdict On Family Practitioner Salary

To conclude, both the salary of the family practitioner and the connections these health care providers make throughout their careers are very motivating in the long haul!