Anesthesia Technician Salary

Anesthesia Technician Salary

An anesthesia technician happens to be one of the most indispensable professional in the medical world. Particularly, when it comes to ensuring the smooth running of all surgical procedures in healthcare centers. Due to the vital, and delicate nature of their jobs, these professionals receive relatively competitive salaries when compared to other associated subcategories in the medical field.

Anesthesia Technician Salary

In the United States of America, an anesthesia technician can expect to take home an annual basic salary that falls under the range of $27,563 – $47,587. Like most informed individuals would infer the exact anesthesia technician salary such a healthcare worker makes is largely influenced by some pertinent factors. These include their skills, reputation, and more to the point experience he/she might have accrued in this field. Nevertheless, the annual basic anesthesia technician salary in the US is appropriately $36,221.

This is a fairly lucrative career, and depending on your dedication and determination you can expect to go up the financial ladder rapidly. Let us now take a much closer analysis into just how much compensation an anesthesia technician can expect to receive in various states across the US.

Pay scale in different parts of the US

An anesthesia technician working in the state of California and particularly in Los Angeles city, can expect to take home an annual salary that can fall between the range of $29,741 – $51,347. The exact amount will most definitely reflect on their expertise and experience. The annual basic median anesthesia technician salary in this state is roughly $39,082.

These professionals operating within the confines of the state of Florida make an annual basic salary that can lie between the ranges of $27,039 – $46,683. The annual median salary for this state falls around $35,533.

An anesthesia technician salary in the state of Georgia often can vary from $27,343 -$47,206 each year. The annual median salary for such professionals in this state is roughly $35,931.

Anesthesia technicians who work in the state of Illinois take home a basic annual salary that lies within the range of $28,914 – $49,919. The annual median anesthesia technician salary in Illinois falls around $37,996.

These indispensable healthcare workers can earn from $27,563 – $47,587, with the annual yearly median salary falling at $36,221

New York
An anesthesia technician salary in the state of New York is often between $32,139 -$55,487, which is arguably one of the highest compensation that these professionals can receive in the US. The annual basic median salary for New York is around $ 42,234.

New Jersey
These experts take home a basic salary that lies from $29,796 – $51,442 each year.
The annual median salary for anesthesia technicians is $39,155.

The annual anesthesia technician salary in the state of Arkansas is from approximately $24,796 – $42,353. The yearly median salary for this state is $32,237.

The annual basic salary anesthesia technicians receive in the state of Maryland lies around $28,473 – $49,158. The median salary for Maryland is roughly $37,416.

The annual basic anesthesia technician salary in the state of Ohio is between $26,929 – $46, 493.

Anesthesia Technician Job Description

An anesthesia technician has several roles that he/she is expected to play, however, their primary undertaking is usually to assist an anesthesiologist to carry out their functions smoothly. Especially during surgical procedures, but they are also required to play functions.

They are largely responsible for the setting up and integrity of the various equipments and instruments that are utilized in operating rooms, while also supposed to ensure the patient is in a comfortable state prior and after surgery. They are also expected to clean, troubleshoot all anesthesiologist equipment. This naturally means that out of necessity anesthesia technicians have to possess a high level of adroitness in the working and appropriate maintenance of the various equipment that fall under their care (ancillary devices, monitoring equipment, and even anesthesia delivery systems).

An anesthesia technician is also required to have an in-depth knowledge of operating diverse kinds of electrical and mechanical testing gadgets that ensure all anesthesiologist instruments are working properly.

These professionals are also responsible for maintaining precise inventories of the various medical supplies that anesthesiologists utilize. This invariably means that they are required to replenish diminishing stocks. To this end, anesthesia technicians are also responsible for maintaining in-depth and well-organized tabulations of their work. Particularly in the maintenance of equipment and supplies inspections that they have to conduct regularly.

These tasks are by far not the only ones an anesthesia technician has to carry out in his/her career. But they can also take on other obligations that usually vary from one state to the other and even one health center to the other.

How do you become an anesthesia technician?

Sorry, we could not find any matching schools...

Cleared for public release by USNS Mercy PAO LTJG Bashon W. Mann is no stringent qualification requirements that anyone wishing to become an anesthesia technician is expected to fulfill. In some cases all you might need is your high school diploma, and receiving on the job training.

Nevertheless, there are still associate degrees that you can take if you wish to access career advancement opportunities. Naturally such courses integrate hands on clinical experience with classroom theory. Some of the topics taught include medical terminology, EKG analysis, pharmacology, and first aid/ CPR. In the practical parts of these courses, students work in operating rooms of local healthcare facilities. Learn more about anesthesia technician schools here.

Anesthesia technician certification

After successful completion of the above training, graduates can get certified anesthesia technician credits by passing an examination conducted by the American society of anesthesia technology and technicians (ASATT). This certification is also open for applicants with a high school diploma and more than 2 years experience in working as an anesthesia technician. It is important to note that certified anesthesia technicians play an increasingly active role in helping anesthesiologists perform patient analysis and even administration of anesthesia.

What are the anesthesia technician salaries in Canada, UK and Australia?
An anesthesia technician living in Canada can expect to receive a salary of about $28,000 – $34,000 (Canadian dollars) each year. Their UK counterparts get $50,000 – $150,000 annually. Finally, the annual anesthesia technician salary in Australia lies along the range of $26,000 – $32,000.

Final word

Being an anesthesia technician can seem as a lackluster career to some individuals, but this isn’t so. Apart from the money you make, you also get a lot of satisfaction in helping seriously sick patients recover their health. This can be very rewarding and with the experience you accrue over the years, being an anesthesia technician can be the best career option you could make.