Biomedical Technician Salary

Biomedical Technician Salary

Biomedical technicians also known by the acronym BMET, are some of the most integral components of many healthcare facilities. These professionals spend most of their time ensuring medical devices and equipment function properly. This naturally necessitates a lot of ingenuity and versatility in the workings of these indispensable tools. Hence, a biomedical technician salary invariably offers suitable compensation in regards to their expertise.

Taking a case study of the United States of America, a biomedical technician earns an annual basic salary that lies within the range of $45,362 -$69,098. This amount can cover for many sins, and what’s more there numerous benefits that come in this package.

Not mention the excellent career advancement opportunities for a gifted BMET to rapidly climb the financial ladder.

Let us now take a closer analysis into just how much a biomedical technician salary is in 10 different states in the US.

Pay scale in different parts of the US


A biomedical technician working in the state of California especially in Los Angeles city can expect to take home approximately $48,362 – $74,557 each year. This is one of the top basic biomedical technician salary in the entire US. The median annual salary in this state for such professionals fall around $60,965.


Biomedical technicians from the state of Colorado earn a basic annual salary that falls under the range of $45,407 – $69,167. The exact amount such professionals make largely depends on their expertise and also accrued working experience. The basic median biomedical technician salary in this state is $56,558.


These professionals earn from $45,407 – $60,737 working within the confines of the state of Alabama. The annual median salary that a biomedical technician earns in this state lies in the region of $49,665.


A basic biomedical technician salary in the state of Florida lies around $44,500 -$67,785 each year. The annual median salary that such professionals can expect to make in this state falls around $55,428.


Biomedical technicians working in the state of Georgia take home a basic salary that lies in the range of $44,999 -$68,545 each year. The annual basic median salary that these professionals make in Georgia lies around $56,050.


The annual basic biomedical technician salary in the state of Louisiana particularly in the New Orleans falls approximately $45,951 – $66,542. The annual basic median salary such a professional can earn in this state usually lies around $57,236.


A biomedical technician that operates in the state of Kansas earns around $43,683 – $66,542 annually, with the median salary being roughly $54,411.


Apart from the state of California, Maryland has arguably one of the highest biomedical technician salary scales in the US. Such professionals in this state take home a basic salary that lies in the range of $46,859 – $71,379 each year. The annual median salary in this category of healthcare workers is approximately $58,366.

New York

New York takes the cake for the state that looks well after its biomedical technicians, and these professionals can earn a basic salary that lies within the range of $52,892 – $80,569 every year. The annual median biomedical technician salary in the state of New York lies roughly at $65,881.

Biomedical Technician Job Description

Like most well-informed individuals would know, the biomedical engineering field primarily concerns itself with the application of various engineering concepts and expertise into the healthcare sector. A biomedical technician out of necessity is highly conversant with the various technological, electronic, and even mechanical devices and equipments that are indispensable in healthcare providing facilities.

His/her day to day tasks lies in assessing, calibrating, repairing and sometimes even designing medical equipments that fall under their responsibility. These can range from surgical robots, electric wheelchairs, image processing devices, diagnostic devices and many others. The primary role of a biomedical technician is to ensure that all these equipment and devices are in good working order, which can be vital in improving patient outcomes. Most especially in the effective diagnosis and treatment of all the patients in the health facility they might be working in.

Further, a lot of health facilities usually retain the services of these professions in a purely consultative role, when it comes to deciding just which equipment they need, and also ensuring that they comply with local, state and even federal guidelines concerning medical equipment usage.

Finally, biomedical technicians are usually assigned the role of training and familiarizing medical personnel on the effective usage of the multitude of devices under their watch. This can be critical in maintaining the smooth running of health facilities.

A biomedical technician can choose to either specialize into the workings of a particular set of equipment (imaging devices or even diagnostic devices) or generalize on a vast array of equipment. Moreover such a professional has several working environments he/she can choose from. Most biomedical technicians in the US carry out their duties in hospitals and other related healthcare systems. While some opt to work on the medical equipment supplies industry usually for retailers or wholesalers of these merchandise. There is also a small number of biomedical technicians who are self employed.

How to Become a Biomedical Technician

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biomedical technicianTo become a biomedical technician you have to earn a 2 year associate degree from a college accredited by the American board for engineering and technology. Alternatively you can take this career if you have a degree in relevant fields like engineering and electronics.

Despite the demand for workers with working experience over those with academic credentials, many employers are increasingly making it mandatory for BMETs to hold bachelors degrees. Due to the dynamic nature of this career, which can largely attributed to constant technological advances, a biomedical technician is obligated to regularly take continuing courses.

Biomedical technician certification

A biomedical technician can opt to take certified biomedical equipment technician (CBET) credits which can expand his/her career advancement chances. Such professionals can also focus on taking specific niche certification (like certified laboratory equipment specialist or radiology equipment specialist). These kind of certifications carry academic and working experience stipulations, prior to taking a computer-oriented examination.

What does a biomedical technician earn in Canada, UK or Australia

Biomedical technicians working in Canada take home a basic annual salary in the range of $45,000 – $70,000 (Canadian dollars). Their counterparts in the United Kingdom earn a basic salary of 18,896 – 26,500 sterling pounds annually. A biomedical technician in Australia can make $45,000 – $70,000 (Australian dollars) annually. The median basic salary for this profession in Australia is $60,000.

Final Word

A career in biomedical engineering can be the ideal option for individuals that are fascinated with handling high-tech devices, and also feels deeply for wellbeing of their fellow man.