Histology Technician Salary

Histology Technician Salary

Histology technicians, commonly referred to as histotechnologists in the medical field, are skilled technicians who prepare and dispose of different laboratory slides and dishes that were previously used by pathologists. It is their duty to prepare and mount the slides, as well as to infiltrate the specimens with special wax whenever required. Part of the duties of the histology technician involves disposing of the samples through microincinerations or through freezing. The median yearly salary of a histology technician in the United States of America is of around $61,000, although it typically ranges anywhere between $47,000 and as much as $63,000 a year.

Pay Scale In Different Parts Of The United States of America

The median yearly wage of a histology technician in California is of around $73,000, while in Nevada it is of little over $67,000. At the same time, a histologist who lives and works in Alaska should expect around $63,000 a year, while one from Connecticut makes over $62,000 a year, just like a histotechnologist from the District of Columbia. On the other hand, both states of Maryland and Rhode Island pay their histology technicians median yearly salaries of little over $61,000.

Histology Technician Job Description

Histology technicians deal with turning tissue samples into slides that will later be carefully analyzed by professionals like pathologists or cytotechnologists. It is their duty to carefully review and evaluate the slides.

The histology lab technician also prepares urine, tissue or blood samples that have been previously collected either from humans or from animals. The samples can be taken either from living being or from dead ones, and it is extremely important for the histology technician to be well-aware of all the safety rules and regulations in order to minimize the potential biohazards that could easily infect the laboratory staff. This is why they must always wear protective equipment and to prevent potential contamination. Simply put, one of the main duties of a histotechnologist these days is turning the samples into a usable microscope slide – the samples can be either frozen or solid, and they sometimes need to apply various substances or chemicals in order to slow down the decomposition of the samples, such as preservatives or different stabilizers.

Nonetheless, it must be mentioned that in addition to the wide array of laboratory-related tasks and responsibilities, the histology technician also has a variety of clinical duties to take care of as well – they can retrieve samples from different appointments, keep the records accurate and up to date, and to make sure that the samples are properly tagged and they belong to the right patient. In some cases, the histology technician may also need to schedule appointments and clean the laboratory pieces, tools and medical equipment. The medical equipment must be properly sterilized each time it was used. The histotechnologist also deals with making sure that all the disposable supplies are up to date.

How To Become A Histology Technician?

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Histology TechnicianBecoming a histology technician does not require too much work or training, as it typically involves only a two-year associate’s degree provided either by a community college or by a technical college. Some hospitals provide this type of training as well. Those who want to increase their chances of getting a well-paid job can always apply for a voluntary certification provided by what is known as the American Society for Clinical Pathology. This certification can dramatically increase their income.

A Bachelor’s Degree training program is also available, and most of the histology technicians these days choose to get additional training in fields like management, health care administration or business.


The certification for histology technicians is provided by the American Society for Pathology (by the Board of Certification within the organizational structure of this institution, to be more precise). The Board of Certification has been around for almost a century, and the basic eligibility requirements involve some clinical training and experience coupled with theoretical training.

Histology Technician Salary In Canada, Australia And The United Kingdom

In Australia, the median yearly wage of a histotechnologist varies between Au$21,000 and Au$62,000, while in Canada the median salary is of Cad$56,000 and in the United Kingdom it typically ranges between 21,000 and 30,000 pounds.

Verdict On Histology Technician Salary

To conclude, the salary of a modern histotechnologist is rather motivating, given the fact that becoming a histology technician only requires minimal training, as opposed to other medical fields.