Toxicologist Salary

Toxicologist Salary

Toxicologists are professionals who deal with identifying various substances and liquids that may have caused the death of an individual. Toxicologists closely study a variety of different substances, from drugs and alcohol to gases, metals and a variety of other chemicals. These professionals not only collect the samples, but also analyze them in the laboratory to determine how dangerous they are and to what extent they have contributed to the death of the person. Statistically speaking, the mean yearly salary of a toxicologist is of around $56,000 a year, although in some areas they can make as much as $130,000 a year.

Pay Scale In Different Areas Of The United States

The average yearly salary of a toxicologist can vary from one state to another, and those who live in the District of Columbia are known to have the highest yearly salary, of approximately $129,000. However, those who live in the states of California, Ohio and New York should also expect to earn a salary that ranges between the minimal yearly salary for these professionals ($55,000) and up to $130,000 a year.

Toxicologist Job Description

As mentioned above, these are trained professionals who carry out laboratory studies in order to point out, to monitor as well as to evaluate the impact of toxic materials and radiation on the health of humans and animals. There are several different fields of toxicology in which one can specialize, from occupational, regulatory and academic toxicology to pharmaceutical, industrial, clinical and even forensic toxicology. The job duties and requirements vary a lot depending on the chosen field of activity.

Generally speaking, it is the duty of the toxicologist to isolate and identify the different toxic substances and the impact they may have on animals, plants, ecosystems as well as humans. These professionals also conduct laboratory research and experiments, they analyze and evaluate statistical data and they also assess the toxicity o different substances. These professionals carry out risk analyses, they write scientific papers and reports and they also give the evidence in court whenever required.

It is also the duty of the toxicologist to predict the effects of chemicals and substances on humans as well as on the ecosystem, and to advise individuals and companies on how to safely and securely handle the toxic substances. It often happens that toxicologists are part of a larger team that consists of technicians, scientists and other highly trained professionals.

How To Become A Toxicologist?

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SONY DSCThe first step is getting an undergraduate education, and then enrolling in med school. After enrolling in med school, toxicologists must apply and complete a primary residency program that lasts for three years and that often encompasses specialty training as well (you can choose to specialize in preventive medicine, Paediatrics, emergency medicine and virtually any other medical field that appeals to you).

A two year fellowship in medical toxicology is also commonly required in order to become a licensed toxicologist. Rotations in medical toxicology may also be available to medical residents and students, and they usually last for one month and offer the residents all the exposure they need, in a safe and sound clinical setting.


If you have decided to get your certification as a toxicologist, then you should know that the accrediting body in this field of medicine is the American Board of Toxicology, commonly referred to as ABT which was founded back in 1979. It is the American Board of Toxicology who carefully evaluates and then documents the proficiency of toxicologists in the field of toxicology.

Those who manage to get a certification offered by the American Board of Toxicology are commonly hired by different government agencies and state owned hospitals. After getting the certification, all the toxicologists must then sit for a periodic recertification of their degrees in order to maintain high standards of professional competence. In other words, these professionals need to show proof of continuing education once every five years in order to keep their certification active.

Toxicologist Salary In Canada, Australia And The United Kingdom

A toxicologist who lives and works in Australia should expect to make between Au$21,000 and Au$112,000, while one from Canada makes around C$38,000 and C$111,000. At the same time, a toxicologist who lives and works in the United Kingdom makes between 21,000 and 26,000 pounds.

Verdict On Toxicologist Salary

To conclude, the salary of a toxicologist can turn out to be very rewarding in the long haul.